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October 12 - (6 Min Read)

The lives we lead today, are hectic to say the least! We’re always on the go, getting 101 things done, crossing out check lists, rushing around – I’m already getting dizzy just thinking about how busy life gets! To add on to being busy in the real world, we have become even busier in the virtual world. Using technology in our day-to-day lives has added more steps, tasks and activities to our daily routine.

Living in a technological world can be complex! With that being said, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to simplify things, and start working smarter with our tech. But how? A good place to start is by getting to know your device and learning what more is has to offer you.

We’ve scoured through the darkest corners of the web in search of the ultimate tech hacks that will certainly help you make better use of your device, not to mention your time too!

Here’s our top 10 tech hacks hand picked just for you:

1. Charge Faster

Desperate to see your device come back to life much faster?! Charge at a more rapid pace by either putting your phone in flight mode, or by switching off all the power consuming features which drain the life out of your device like; WiFi, Bluetooth, location services and the like.

2. Enable Virtual Desktops

What’s this? Virtual desktops basically show you all the open windows on your desktop in a more organized manner, and in just one window. This way you won’t need to stay browsing through multiple windows to access something specific. To enable Virtual Desktops on Windows® simply press ‘Win+Tab’ buttons to get the Aero (Aerial) view. To create numerous categorized windows just click  ‘+New Desktop’. Now you can enjoy quick and organized navigation!

3. Locate your lost device

This is one of my fav ones! To locate your device, simply enable the ‘Find my Device’ in Windows® and Voilà you can locate your lost device. It’s important to note that if you’ve already lost your device, there’s usually no way to enable this remotely. This must be something you set up beforehand…i.e as soon as possible!

4. Take lots of Screenshots and snippets!

Instead of saving whole files and docs, jotting things down on stickies, and leaving lots of notes all over the place, you can take clippings and snippets of the bits that matter to you! This way you’ll always have what you need in ‘one’ central place.This will also help you save plenty of time! To take full screenshots on your PC simply hit the ‘Prt Scr’ button located on your keyboard. If you would like to take a selective screenshot of part/s of your screen, you can use a Snipping program.

5. Pin Tabs

Are you always unintentionally closing your daily tabs? Don’t worry…I did too! But now I pin them. Here’s how; if you’re using Internet Explorer, drag the tab from the browser to the taskbar, or if you’re using Google Chrome, simply right-click the tab you want to pin and select ‘Pin Tab’.

Now for some more intense hacks…

6. Open a Temporary Notepad

Need to scribble down something quickly but have nowhere to write it? No worries, we’ve got you sorted! Simply type in or paste this data:text/html,,into the address bar of your preferred search engine. Isn’t that neat?! Tip: Remember to bookmark it for future use.

7. View Masked Passwords

At website login pages, you can view masked passwords by simply replacing the password input type with the word ‘text’. After you type in your password, right-click and from the drop down menu select ‘Inspect Element’ and then change the ‘password’ input to ‘text’. You’ll be able to see your password in text immediately.

8. Get rid of those Annoying Newsletters

Don’t feel like looking for newsletters one by one, no problem! Just go into your email, be it Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc…head to your inbox and in the search box, type in ‘Unsubscribe’. A list of all the emails you can unsubscribe from will appear, now you can go ahead with unsubscribing and clearing out all that junk mail more efficiently. You’re welcome 😉

9. Google Hangouts Easter Eggs

Bored of the standard chat options? Want to spice up your chat windows? Google’s got a treat for you! Google Hangouts has hidden tricks that you probably didn’t know about…until now! Just open Hangouts and type in one of the following;  LMAO!!, /ponystream, /ponies, /shydino, woot!!, Happy Birthday!, /bikeshed, /pitchforks, or Happy New Year! and start enjoying these fun hidden treats (A.K.A Easter eggs). It’s not about chocolate I’m afraid – but it sure is fun!

10. Activate GodMode

This hidden tweak offers you easy access to a number of customization features on Windows. The best part is that it’s free and so easy to install. All you have to do is:

  • Right-click on your desktop to create a new folder and rename the folder with the following string ‘GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}’.
  • Hit enter and the icon will resemble that of the Control Panel
  • Open the folder and Bingo! – you’ll have easy access to a wide range of features.

There you have it – 10 tech hacks to ease your day-to-day device tasks. Stress less, and enjoy making more time for the things that matter!

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