2 New Internet Cards

Written by Administrator

June 8 - (2 Min Read)

‘Our lives revolve around instant access to a world without walls’. What does that mean exactly? We’re online every second of the day except for when we’re sleeping I guess, and we always want the information there and then, as efficiently and fast as we can get it. What really matters to us is having constant access to a WiFi connection, making sure that we’re online anywhere at any time. Obviously, being online at any time isn’t enough as we also want to make sure that the internet speed is up to par with our expectations.

Ellp’s new updates focus on the needs of today and therefore we present to you the latest card additions:

When there is a new open WiFi spot, let me know
Connectivity is key! Especially considering the fact that we’re living in the WiFi era, whereby if we have no WiFi connection we have the tendency to start feeling lost. Let’s be honest, it’s a heart- wrenching moment when you realize that you no longer have internet connectivity! Your main thoughts at that point are, ‘How am I going to tweet about my latest mishap?’ or ‘How am going to finish off sending this email while in transit without WiFi?’ – you see your life basically revolves around WiFi connectivity. But what happens when you’re not in the comfort of your own home or office, and you have no WiFi connectivity? Wouldn’t it be great to be notified of any open WiFi spots in your vicinity? This new Ellp card can help you out with that, simply turn on the activation toggle and Ellp will start notifying you when a new open WiFi spot is available around you.

Open WiFi Spot

When it’s time, check my Internet speed
How many times were you working on a project and your internet connectivity kept faltering to the extent that you couldn’t get any work done? Countless times, I would imagine, unless you’re one of those lucky persons, whose blessed with the talent of blocking out the most painful moments ;P What wouldn’t you give up for a steady Internet connection? It’s a bit of hassle to continuously test out your Internet speed, however, Ellp can sort that out for you with just a flip of a switch. Once this card is activated, Ellp will update you with your latest Internet connection every day at the time of your choice. How neat is that?!

Internet Speed

We sincerely hope you’re enjoying Ellp as much as we are creating it. We love to receive your feedback and seeing your suggestions come to live. We look forward to hearing more about your experiences and we promise you there’s a lot more Ellp cards coming your way!