📣 Update: 2 More Ellp Cards are Out

kristina_email-stampWritten by Kristina Grech
Customer Success

Feb 23 – (3 min read)

The Ellp experience just got a whole lot better! How? Well, to make sure you’re getting the most out of Ellp we deemed it fit to release yet another update. With 13 Ellp cards already available for you to make use of, we are thrilled to announce the issue of 2 brand new ones.

Here’s what’s new on Ellp:

When I plug in my headphones, open Spotify

Without music, life would be a mistake’ – we couldn’t agree more with this statement from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche! In fact, Ellp continues to bring your favorite music services together. So if you’re a Spotify devotee, this card might just tickle your fancy. Once your headphones are plugged in, Spotify will launch automatically. This will not only enhance your digital experience, it will also save you lots of time, allowing you to go straight to your favorite song, artist or playlist, so you can get down to business.


When an application starts slowing down my PC startup, alert me

Tired of wasting time waiting for your PC to load up? We totally understand your frustration. After all, no one enjoys sitting idly, wasting endless amounts of time just waiting for their Windows to load up. Unfortunately, because most applications tend to run automatically upon startup, these applications can take quite a toll on PC speed and performance, and as a result, this can curb productivity. Thankfully, Ellp has got you sorted! Stop wasting time and get straight to the important stuff with Ellp. Once activated, this Ellp card will run silently in the background, searching for power hungry applications that are slowing down PC startup time. As soon as these heavy applications are detected, Ellp will immediately notify you, so that you can close them and boost performance.

PC Startup Card.png

This is just the beginning! We are still in our early stages of development, but we promise you more Ellp awesomeness is on the way! The Ellp team is constantly on the go and hard at work aiming to double the number of Ellp cards in the upcoming months. So stay tuned because you’re in for a treat.