5 Ways to stay safe online

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August 14 - (5 Min Read)

From Skype conversations with family members scattered around the globe, to paying your bills, doing your research on best insurance offers, to having your medical records stored online and even shopping – our lives are happening online now. As convenient and popular online life is, it needs to be said – it can be quite dangerous. In 2015, more than 177,866,236 personal records like payment cards, personal identifying information (first and last names, social security numbers, address, birthday) and medical records were exposed via 780 data security breaches (according to the ITRC Data Breach Reports). 2017 has already been the most active year when it comes to hacking endeavors and we are only halfway through it.

What to do not to be the next victim?

It might seem simple, just upgrade your Antivirus and Anti-malware software and create stronger passwords, but it’s never that easy! But don’t worry, the Ellp Team has got your back. There are a number of simple ways to boost your online security at no cost and with minimal workload. Plus a bonus: an all-in-one FREE solution – Ellp that is of great help when it comes to online security!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

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Here are our 5 tips to stay safe online:

TIP 1: Never leave your device unattended

Let’s start with the simple and most obvious tip! Even if you are simply stepping away from your desk for just a couple of minutes and there are other people around you (family included) always remember to lock your device, so no one else can use it. With their best intention at heart, other people may have other Internet routines, and unwillingly expose you to online threats. As they say: better safe than sorry!

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You might think it’s unnecessary or excessive but physical security is as important as technical security. You can get Ellp to help you out! Let’s say you always take a break from technology at the same time. Then, why not set up the ‘When it’s time, turn off my PC’ card? You simply choose a specific time and action: Sleep, Restart, Hibernate or Shutdown. This way you can rest assured that your device is not accessible whilst you’re away!

TIP 2: Always set up strong passwords

One can never preach enough regarding this. As much as we think that the name of our pet or the birthday or our son are strong and unhackable passwords, they are not. In fact, we are all supposed to have more than one password for our devices and multiple accounts. Rock solid passwords should be at the top of your list. If you need some guidelines, you can take a look at our previous blog post onHow to Rock Passwords for guidelines on how to create strong passwords.

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Having said that, you may still be a victim of data theft. However, Ellp can help you out with that as well. By simply activating the ‘When my email is involved in a data breach, alert me’ card, Ellp will immediately notify you if any of your accounts registered with a particular email address are involved in a data breach, so that you can change your password and safeguard your accounts from any further breaches.

TIP 3: Be mindful of what data you share

It is very important to use the Internet in a very mindful way. Avoid visiting unknown websites, and be careful of what you download online, that is, make sure you always make use of trustworthy sites. Also, keep in mind that scammers are constantly sending unsolicited emails and might send you attachments or links, asking you to provide them with sensitive information, which once clicked would infect your PC with malware.

Even if you are very careful about what you do and what data you share, the risk of being hacked is still there. Each online activity leaves behind personal traces: be it browsing the internet, shopping online, even chatting with people and sharing photos. If unprotected, this info can be easily accessed by hackers.

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Ellp offers a card called ‘When it’s time, perform a privacy cleanup’. It automates a daily cleanup of any unneeded remnants of your online activities and keeps you safe. All you need to do is to set up the time you want for Ellp to take care of your daily safety.

TIP 4: Update your software on a regular basis

Whatever you do, do not put off software updates. Your PC’s operating system relies heavily on such updates and aside from improving the functionality of your system, they also help patch up any security issues. Remember an unpatched device is more vulnerable to hackers. If you constantly find yourself pushing them off, consider setting up your device to automatically update your operating system.

TIP 5: Remember: YOU are the target

Don’t ever exclude the possibility of you being a target! The ‘It won’t happen to me’ attitude is wrong, as we are all vulnerable and all at risk of being hacked. So keep in mind the pointers above and do whatever it takes to secure your security and privacy online, as you never know, you might be NEXT.

Start boosting your online security right here and now! Download Ellp for free and set up the above-mentioned Security cards to protect you straight away:

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

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Once you download, you can find all the instructions here in case you get stuck at any point.

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