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August 24 - (10 Min Read)

Purchasing a new laptop or computer may seem like a daunting task, what with all the brands, models, technical parameters, shapes and sizes available on the market. This is where our guide comes in handy. It’s divided into 2 sections: before and after you buy, as the whole buying a new PC experience shouldn’t just end with the purchase. Why? Well, how you maintain it matters a lot, as it defines how well and for how long your new PC is going to serve you.

Before you buy

You really need to understand what you need first, and then build up upon that. So here are a few pointers you should take into consideration before you purchase.

1. Usability

You need to consider what the purchase is for. Is it for home use, gaming or work? If you’re looking to use your device to simply surf the net, to stay in touch with your family and friends and for the usual day-to-day stuff, then it might be best not to over invest and stick to less expensive models. If you intend to use it for work purposes, video editing or gaming, then you might want to look at higher-end devices.

2. Mobility of your lifestyle

What is your daily PC routine? How are you planning to use your new device? Will you be stationed in one place or roaming around? Will you be traveling and need to take your PC with you? If you’ll be working from one location then you might want to opt for a desktop. If you’re always on the go, then a laptop would be ideal since you can carry it around with you.

3. Price

Always take into consideration your budget. Sometimes it’s a good call to pay a bit more for an extra feature or part that boosts the performance of the whole device in a significant way.The device might serve you a bit longer and that little extra splurge would, in fact, result in savings. Ka-ching!

Once you choose your model, take a good look at different sites and visit various sellers to get an idea of the price range. Keep an eye out for offers, you might find yourself a good deal!

4. Warranty

Warranties are important! Make sure to check the specifics before purchasing. Usually, all computers and laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, however, if you feel like you need additional coverage you can pay extra for an extended warranty.

Yet, even with a proper warranty, the well-being of your device lies in your hands. Do you know how to maintain it so that it performs at its best and serves you well in years to come? This is why the next section comes in handy.

After you buy

We could provide you with pages and pages of instructions on how to maintain your PC, but keeping it simple is our thing. So instead, we present you with one simple and free toolbox that offers significant shortcuts to what can be done manually and much more!

Meet Ellp, your new PC Assistant that lets you automate your daily routine with a flip of a switch. Its simple and colorful layout allows you to identify and choose those crucial actions you want to automate so that your PC serves you for years to come.

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Ellp can take care of a wide variety of tasks for you, divided into four categories:

1. Performance

Ellp will take care of your storage space. Ellp tracks any temporary or junk files, along with any long overdue files stored in your folders, and points them out to you so that you can remove them and get back that much-needed space. Just activate the three following cards and you’re all set:

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Ellp also helps with managing your PC’s temperature and alerts you every time your PC is about to overheat. It also monitors your battery levels so that you always know when to plug in and out (and save on energy bills). It will also check the quality of your Internet connection for you and notify you if you are offline. And yes, if any application is slowing down your startup, Ellp will also point that out to you.

See how easy it can be? Ellp does all maintenance for you and invites you to take action only if needed. And since it’s compatible with Windows tools, it is safe to download!

2. Security

Hackers attacks on one hand, all aspects of life happening online on the other. So how can Ellp help you stay safe online? Every day at a given time Ellp will perform a security cleanup for you, making sure all personal and other sensitive data are cleared out so that no one can access them without your knowledge and permission. It will also alert you in case any accounts you signed in with your email address are involved in a data breach. Then, all you have to do is change your password and you’re in the clear. Phew!

3. Productivity

From helping you organizing the files you download and managing your folders, to reminding you of anything important during your day and even giving you a weather update, Ellp is there to help you be more productive. Why not check out the three most popular cards within the productivity category (and make sure you activate them, too).

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4. Entertainment

Have you ever wondered if the International Space Station is passing over you? Well, crazy enough, Ellp can tell you the exact time that’s happening! Other than that, it can organize your songs, movies, FB pictures, set up your wallpaper and open your favorite app when you plug in your headset.

Have I mentioned that Ellp is totally free, is trusted by over 80,000 users and is recommended globally by well-known industry experts? You can download your copy here:

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



All you need to do next is to install it, choose the cards you want to have active and enjoy your new PC for years to come!

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