Latest Ellp Updates – September

Ellp updates
Written by Janice

September 14 - (5 Min Read)

Another month at Ellp brings with it new Ellp updates! Hoorayy 🎉 The team, here at Ellp, is continuously striving to make Ellp better. Let’s just say that the product team have outdone themselves this time round. How? Since our last update back in August, Ellp now got a new mini facelift, new cards and much more.

So what’s in store for you with the latest update?

For those of you who have already updated Ellp, might have already familiarised yourselves with the recent changes and features. But for those who have yet to update Ellp, here’s what to expect.

New Cards

When my desktop gets crowded, organize it

Clutter doesn’t encourage productivity! I’m not only talking about desk clutter but also about disorganization on your PC. Most of the time you end up saving hundreds of files on your desktop without finding the time to organize it as you keep postponing it for later. Try this Ellp card, to help you organize your desktop. Once activated this card will help you clean out your desktop when it gets too overcrowded.

When I unplug my headphones, mute the sound

The idea for this card was created by you for you! We received multiple messages suggesting this particular card, and finally, here it is! Your PC can detect when your headphones are plugged in, but it can’t detect it when they’re unplugged. Ellp can help with that. By simply activating this card, Ellp will mute the sound the moment you unplug your headphones, so you can keep the peace!

When I’m working hard, remind me to take a break

If you’re the kind of person who gets so lost in their work, then this card is ideal for you. It’s normal to be so focused on an important task that you forget to take your breaks. However, breaks are important just as much as any other task. It might sound counter-intuitive, but believe me, it’s not! Just like any other engine, your brain needs to refuel. So every now and again, step away from your desk, go make yourself a cup of coffee or simply step out for some fresh air. Your brain and body will thank you for it. While you’re at it get Ellp you help you with it. To do so simply activate the card and Ellp will notify you every time it’s time to take a break.

september updates-01

Redesign of the cards and view panel

The new design is clean and was made even simpler, allowing for easier navigation around your Ellp cards, making it more user-friendly. The redesign of the cards view, utilizes the whole space, and the editing parts are more prominent and clearly visible so you can easily edit according to your preferences. The view panel now, also suggests the Ellp cards that you might want to activate next, based on your previously activated cards, making Ellp yours.

september updates-02

Multi-config feature

We’ve received tons of messages asking us to add more flexibility on the Ellp cards’ customization options. This new Ellp multi-config feature is just the first step in that direction.  This latest feature is currently available on 14 of our Ellp Cards and gives you the possibility to do more with Ellp. For a more detailed overview, check out our previous blog, written by none other than our Head of Product, Reuben.

september updates-03

The dynamics of the product are expanding and we promise to keep on improving and optimizing the product to ensure and enhance your Ellp experience.

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



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Top 5 Ellp Cards to Boost Productivity

top 5 productivity cards-03
Written by Janice

September 11 - (7 Min Read)

Friday… your weekend is about to start! Saturday… Sunday and BAM! It’s Monday again! Still in awe at how the weekend just flew by in the blink of an eye. Oh well, all good things come to an end, and now we find ourselves back at the office, ready for a full week ahead. Thing is Mondays are ever so difficult to shake off. Talk about Monday blues! I guess we’d still be buzzing off the weekend vibes.

The worst thing is that unknowingly we tend to be less productive on Mondays and we find ourselves constantly battling to get to the bottom of our tower-high stack of work. Therefore, you can just relax, it’s not just you who experiences that Monday feeling, it is a universal phenomenon. Snapping back into productivity mode just after a relaxing weekend is difficult for everyone. But don’t fret! Ellp is here to help you snap out of that groggy morning feeling.

Learn More CTA

Here are our top 5 Ellp cards to help boost your Monday productivity:

1. When my desktop gets crowded, organize it

Clutter doesn’t encourage productivity! I’m not only talking about desk clutter but also about disorganization on your PC. Most of the time you end up saving hundreds of files on your desktop without finding the time to organize it as you keep postponing it for later. Try this Ellp card, to help you organize your desktop. Once activated this card will help you clean out your desktop when it gets too overcrowded.

2. When I download the same file twice, let me know

It’s pretty easy to lose focus and lose track of what you’ve done already, especially when it comes to downloading files. This Ellp card is here to take care of just that! By activating this card, Ellp would notify you of any duplicate files you’ve downloaded and get rid of them for you. Not only that, but this will save you the ordeal of having to go through multiple duplicate files in the future.

3. When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me

Probability is, that you’d go on Facebook just for 2 minutes, but it’s funny how you always end up scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed for an hour. It’s addictive, we know all so perfectly well! It happens to the best of us. However, you need to minimize this curb of enthusiasm for Facebook. If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, then why not activate this card, and have Ellp ping you every time you’ve spent too much time on Facebook.

top 5 productivity cards-01

top 5 productivity cards-02

4. When I open an application, open another one

Isn’t it annoying having to waste time searching for, and then clicking on your favorite applications to open? Now you can get straight to the tasks that really matter, as when activating this new card, found within the Productivity category, Ellp will launch that one application that you use on a daily basis upon opening another application. Isn’t that neat?! By using this card you can rid yourself of morning mayhem and let Ellp set the right tone for the rest of your day.

5. When I’m working hard, remind me to take a break

If you’re the kind of person who gets so lost in their work, then this card is ideal for you. It’s normal to be so focused on an important task that you forget to take your breaks. However, breaks are important just as much as any other task. It might sound counter-intuitive, but believe me, it’s not! Just like any other engine, your brain needs to refuel. So every now and again, step away from your desk, go make yourself a cup of coffee or simply step out for some fresh air. Your brain and body will thank you for it. While you’re at it get Ellp you help you with it. To do so simply activate the card and Ellp will notify you every time it’s time to take a break.

If you still haven’t tried Ellp, why not follow the link below and get these productivity cards!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



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Extending the Ellp card

multi-config feature-00
Written by Reuben Borg
Head of Product

September 7 - (5 Min Read)

An all-new level of Ellp card Customization is something we’ve been working on for a while now, as you may recall from my interview a couple of weeks ago. And for those who follow our blog regularly, you might also be familiar with the way we prioritize feedback, and the huge influence you guys have on our product strategy.

One of the main topics among the 3,000+ positive messages we received so far has been adding more flexibility on the Ellp Cards’ customization options; which is a way you would be able to make an Ellp card truly yours.

The recently released Ellp Multi-Config feature is the first huge step in this direction. Don’t worry too much about the geeky name we chose for it, because the true definition you can use is “extending the awesomeness of a card to as much as I want to”  😉

Let’s take the card ‘When I turn on my PC, open my favorite website’ as an example. Till now, you could only configure this for 1 website, say your Gmail. But you might also want to open Facebook and some news site, right? Or perhaps set the ‘When my email is involved in a data breach, alert me’  card to also check online accounts registered on your partner’s, children’s, or parents’ email addresses. Well, now you can.

This feature is currently available on 14 of our Ellp Cards. To show you exactly how it works, I’ll use the card ‘When I turn on my PC, open my favorite website’ as an example. As always, 3 simple steps are key:

  • Step 1: Configure the first instance of the card to your liking, and activate it by clicking on the yellow ‘Activate Card’  button at the bottom.

multi-config feature-01


  • Step 2: The card is now ON! Go ahead and create a second instance of the card by clicking on the grayish ‘ADD ANOTHER’  button right below the card title. You should notice that the card title has duplicated itself. (Note: the ‘ADD ANOTHER’ button will only be visible on the Ellp Cards which support the multi-config feature).
  • Step 3: Simply edit the second instance as you wish. If the card is already ON, then there is no need to re-activate it.


multi-config feature-02


That’s it! Now you have a single card doing more for you 🙃 You can keep adding more instances – it’s unlimited!

multi-config feature-03

Created an instance by mistake? Or perhaps there is one you don’t need anymore? Just click on the close ( x ) right next to it, and it’s gone.  

Finally, when you go back to the main screen, you will notice that the Ellp card you just configured with more than 1 instance will have a stacked-like look. This is for you to easily distinguish which cards you have set more than one time.

multi-config feature-04

Yep, that simple. If you like the Ellp Cards and what they do, then you will love this, trust me!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



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How to stop your PC from overheating with Ellp

pc overheating-00
Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

September 4 - (3 Min Read)

Just like kryptonite is Superman’s weakness, depriving him of his superpowers, heat, similarly is the number one enemy of all electronics – and PCs are no exception! Over time, with improved CPU performance, enhanced graphic cards, and higher resolutions, PCs have become more powerful. But on the flip side, this comes at a cost, and that is excessive PC heat. So keeping our PC running within safe temperatures is of utmost importance, especially during the hot summer months.

What causes PCs to overheat?

Don’t go into panic mode! Just because your laptop seems hot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s overheating. However, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate that your PC might be struggling due to excessive heat. For example, if your laptop’s fan is running at maximum speed for most of the time, it is a sign of overheating. Another sign is if your laptop starts dropping in performance, what happens is your CPU starts slowing down so it can reduce some of that excessive heat pressure.

Unfortunately most of us tend to ignore these signs. This is why a cooling system is one of the most critical components of your device. Why? Well, without it the electrical components of your PC wouldn’t be able to function, resulting in overheating.

What’s the damage?

We might overlook PC overheating and not take it as seriously as we should. However, if it keeps on occurring and we keep ignoring the signs, then overheating can lead to hardware failure, and cause damage that’s way beyond repair! If your laptop keeps on randomly shutting down on you, it could be that excessive heat is affecting the CPU. This slows down your PC and will start struggling – even to perform the most basic of tasks. Overheating might also cause potential data loss, and can even take a jab at affecting your PC’s integral components, such as the motherboard.

But how can you know when your PC is overheating?

Don’t fret, Ellp is here to help with that too. By simply activating the ‘When my PC is overheating, alert me’ card, you’ll be able to find out immediately. So, don’t let your PC overheat! Download Ellp and activate this card to get notified each time your PC overheats, so you’re always a step ahead!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!





This month at Ellp – August

ellp monthly review- august 00
Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

August 31 - (6 Min Read)


Aneta here, your one and only Ellp Evangelist in another post to summarize another busy and fruitful month at Ellp!

Ellp Product Team

Let me start with telling you what our busy Product Team delivered to us this month. We have introduced three new cards for you to enjoy:

  • When my battery is fully charged, let me know
  • When I turn on my PC, open my favorite application
  • When the International Space Station passes over me, let me know

ellp monthly review- august 01You can find out more about these cards in the August Update post.

Curious about who’s the mastermind behind Ellp’s Product Team? Why not check out our interview with Reuben, where he talks about his team and himself!

Your Ellp Ideas

This month brought also a big change in the way we communicate with our Ellp community. Since day 1 we’ve been getting amazing feedback from our users. Among that, were suggestions on how to further improve Ellp and what cards to add. So it was only natural for us to create a platform to communicate with you even better and that will also allow various Ellp users to brainstorm ideas. And this is how Your Ellp Ideas came to life! Kristina discusses this in more detail in her blog post ‘How to build a community of passionate people.

Our Blog

Our most popular post this month was ‘5 Ways to boost performance for non-tech users’. This might come as a bit of a surprise to you since it’s an oldie (over a month old)! It gathered over 700 shares on social media and this number keeps on growing. Make sure you check it out and share it with your friends!

What did we cover this month? We’re making sure that each Monday you get a good productivity kick to last you far beyond the week to come. This month on Monday Productivity Boost we covered the following topics:

Other than that, we took Ellp under the magnifier with the purpose of checking what cards are most useful for anyone who works in accounting. From finding the right Excel file to helping with storage issues, Ellp is there to help all the way in organizing a busy day. Check out our ‘7 Hacks for Accountants’.

We’ve had a lot of you asking questions about PC automation and how Ellp helps with that.We answer these questions in the simplest manner possible in another blog post, explaining how Ellp is a PC automation tool for everyone.

Ellp on Product Hunt

And last but not least, one of the highlights for the month of August – Ellp’s feature on Product Hunt 🎉 We got some amazing feedback about our product! This only just took place this week, so it’s not too late to join the party and spread some love for Ellp. It would mean the world to us if you could check it out and tell us what you think of our PC assistant.

ellp monthly review- august 02


I hope you enjoyed this monthly review. Traditionally, if you haven’t experienced its glory yet, let me invite you to download Ellp:

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

download-cta norton-seal

Till the next amazing month,


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Time tactics to effectively increase productivity

productivity tactics- blog-01
Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

August 28 - (6 Min Read)

So much to do, but oh so little time! We only have 24 hours a day at our disposal, and we do need to rest during those hours. So making the most of our time is of utmost importance. The usual working hours are 8 hours, so we’re constantly striving to fit in as much work as possible. Some of us actually stay in a couple of extra hours but to be totally honest with you I’d rather plan ahead and work a tad bit smarter, so I can leave on time.

The thing is, most of us find it a bit difficult to prioritize and manage time effectively. So the question would be, how can you work smarter? We’ve scoured the web to find the best time tactics to increase productivity during working hours, and also included some Ellp cards that could help you out.


learn more cta

Here are our findings:

1. Plan and Track

In a previous blog, we spoke about how important it is to plan ahead, as an important task might creep up in the last minute and you’d have to prioritize. You can’t leave everything for the last minute, but ideally, before leaving work, you take a couple of minutes to write up a list of the tasks that you need to take care of the following day. This way you won’t waste time and you can get straight to business. Apart from planning ahead, you might want to track how much time you spend on daily tasks, in order to be able to allot enough time for particular tasks.

When it comes to time tactics, you might also want to monitor the time spent on Facebook. Ellp can help with that! All you’d have to do is activate the ‘When I spend too much time on Facebook, ping me’ card and you’re all set.

productivity tactics-blog-02


2. Set deadlines

This definitely goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned point. Just by keeping track of the time spent on certain tasks, you’ll be able to set achievable deadlines along the way. Setting deadlines will help you be more productive, as knowing that you have to finish a particular task by a certain day and time, will help you focus more and get things done.

3. Tackle dreaded or huge projects first

There’s always that one task that you might put off for later just because you know it’s going to give you a hard time, or just because you keep saying that you’ll be able to focus better on it later on. Truth is, you never get around to it then! So why not get it out of your way, and off your chest, and relieve yourself from all that stress. That way you can then fully concentrate on other work.

4. Say hello to mono-taskings

Forget multitasking! You’d think you’re being productive and more efficient just by taking on multiple tasks when in reality you won’t be doing so! You’d be trying to focus on so many tasks that you’d end up doing a half-assed job or end up with numerous open tasks. Try tackling one important task at a time, making sure you complete it and then move onto the next. This will not only save you time but will also make you more productive.

5. Take a break

Last but not least, do take a break! Just like any other engine, your body and brain need to refuel too. I know what you’re thinking, but no, you won’t be wasting time. On the contrary, just taking 5 minutes to go for a coffee break, move around a bit or going out for lunch, will give you that much-needed boost and energy to get back into work mode. You’ll return back to your desk with a fresh pair of eyes and mind, which in turn will help increase your productivity.

If you feel you need that reminder to ping you whenever it’s time to take a break, why not make use of the following Ellp card: ‘When it’s time, remind me to do something’. This way you’ll get that energy boost you so desperately need during your working day.

productivity tactics-blog-03

Hope you found this article helpful! If you have some other time tactics suggestions that you’ve found useful, please do share them with us below.


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

download-cta norton-seal


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Buying a new PC guide for non-tech users

buying new pc-blog-01
Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

August 24 - (10 Min Read)

Purchasing a new laptop or computer may seem like a daunting task, what with all the brands, models, technical parameters, shapes and sizes available on the market. This is where our guide comes in handy. It’s divided into 2 sections: before and after you buy, as the whole buying a new PC experience shouldn’t just end with the purchase. Why? Well, how you maintain it matters a lot, as it defines how well and for how long your new PC is going to serve you.

Before you buy

You really need to understand what you need first, and then build up upon that. So here are a few pointers you should take into consideration before you purchase.

1. Usability

You need to consider what the purchase is for. Is it for home use, gaming or work? If you’re looking to use your device to simply surf the net, to stay in touch with your family and friends and for the usual day-to-day stuff, then it might be best not to over invest and stick to less expensive models. If you intend to use it for work purposes, video editing or gaming, then you might want to look at higher-end devices.

2. Mobility of your lifestyle

What is your daily PC routine? How are you planning to use your new device? Will you be stationed in one place or roaming around? Will you be traveling and need to take your PC with you? If you’ll be working from one location then you might want to opt for a desktop. If you’re always on the go, then a laptop would be ideal since you can carry it around with you.

3. Price

Always take into consideration your budget. Sometimes it’s a good call to pay a bit more for an extra feature or part that boosts the performance of the whole device in a significant way.The device might serve you a bit longer and that little extra splurge would, in fact, result in savings. Ka-ching!

Once you choose your model, take a good look at different sites and visit various sellers to get an idea of the price range. Keep an eye out for offers, you might find yourself a good deal!

4. Warranty

Warranties are important! Make sure to check the specifics before purchasing. Usually, all computers and laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, however, if you feel like you need additional coverage you can pay extra for an extended warranty.

Yet, even with a proper warranty, the well-being of your device lies in your hands. Do you know how to maintain it so that it performs at its best and serves you well in years to come? This is why the next section comes in handy.

After you buy

We could provide you with pages and pages of instructions on how to maintain your PC, but keeping it simple is our thing. So instead, we present you with one simple and free toolbox that offers significant shortcuts to what can be done manually and much more!

Meet Ellp, your new PC Assistant that lets you automate your daily routine with a flip of a switch. Its simple and colorful layout allows you to identify and choose those crucial actions you want to automate so that your PC serves you for years to come.

Learn More CTA

Ellp can take care of a wide variety of tasks for you, divided into four categories:

1. Performance

Ellp will take care of your storage space. Ellp tracks any temporary or junk files, along with any long overdue files stored in your folders, and points them out to you so that you can remove them and get back that much-needed space. Just activate the three following cards and you’re all set:

buying new pc - blog-02

Ellp also helps with managing your PC’s temperature and alerts you every time your PC is about to overheat. It also monitors your battery levels so that you always know when to plug in and out (and save on energy bills). It will also check the quality of your Internet connection for you and notify you if you are offline. And yes, if any application is slowing down your startup, Ellp will also point that out to you.

See how easy it can be? Ellp does all maintenance for you and invites you to take action only if needed. And since it’s compatible with Windows tools, it is safe to download!

2. Security

Hackers attacks on one hand, all aspects of life happening online on the other. So how can Ellp help you stay safe online? Every day at a given time Ellp will perform a security cleanup for you, making sure all personal and other sensitive data are cleared out so that no one can access them without your knowledge and permission. It will also alert you in case any accounts you signed in with your email address are involved in a data breach. Then, all you have to do is change your password and you’re in the clear. Phew!

3. Productivity

From helping you organizing the files you download and managing your folders, to reminding you of anything important during your day and even giving you a weather update, Ellp is there to help you be more productive. Why not check out the three most popular cards within the productivity category (and make sure you activate them, too).

buying new pc-blog-03

4. Entertainment

Have you ever wondered if the International Space Station is passing over you? Well, crazy enough, Ellp can tell you the exact time that’s happening! Other than that, it can organize your songs, movies, FB pictures, set up your wallpaper and open your favorite app when you plug in your headset.

Have I mentioned that Ellp is totally free, is trusted by over 80,000 users and is recommended globally by well-known industry experts? You can download your copy here:

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



All you need to do next is to install it, choose the cards you want to have active and enjoy your new PC for years to come!

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How to manage your laptop’s battery with Ellp

Written by Aneta
Online Marketing Champion

August 21 - (6 Min Read)

If you’re anything like me, you may be in a love-hate relationship with your laptop battery. You do appreciate the flexibility it gives you to work away from your desk, or even from a coffee place, yet the moment the battery is ready to die on you feels like the most dreadful moment of your day. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand it – the rush to get the cables (they seem to hide from me, too!) and plug them in on time before my system goes to sleep.

Therefore, my two personal all-time-favorite Ellp cards are the ones related to battery management! And we have two of them, designed to help us not only to be in control of the battery levels but also to make sure we treat our battery well and extend its lifetime.

manage laptop battery - battery Ellp cards

Battery Card 1: When my battery is half empty, let me know.

You may be very well accustomed with this card by now as it has been available for quite a long time now. It is designed to save you from the stress, embarrassment, irritation, you name it, of having your laptop battery dying on you in the least desirable moment.

Usually, laptops only alert you when your battery is too low. If you’re constantly on the go, you need to plan ahead in order to save battery power. So, if you’d rather dodge flat battery and would like your laptop to warn you a tad bit sooner, Ellp can help with that!

All you need to do, once within the card editor, is to select the level of the battery that you want to be notified about. You can choose any threshold between 99% and 10%, up to your liking. This way, you’re adjusting your notification to meet your personal needs. Once you’re done, simply switch the activation toggle on, and that’s you all set.

Each time your battery reaches its threshold, Ellp will notify you so you know it’s time to get charging. Like this, you’ll be able to give yourself a bit of a heads up before your laptop dies on you, giving you ample time to plan ahead and charge your laptop before commuting or simply provide you with enough time to finish and most importantly save all your work.

Battery Card 2: When my battery is fully charged, let me know.

This card is very new, in fact, it was introduced this month and is already collecting some great feedback (and not only from me!) This is one of those cards that Ellp introduced based on our users’ suggestions. How amazing is that!

The thing with PC battery notifications is that you’re notified when your devices’ battery is running low, however, there is no available setting to let you know when your device has been fully charged.

You may be a bit confused on why would anyone need a notification like that. Let me explain. While research shows that leaving your laptop plugged in with the battery fully charged doesn’t cause any damage to the battery (may differ depending on the battery type), it may still negatively affect its lifespan. Who would want that? Plus, unplugging is good for your energy bills.

Once activated, this card will notify you whenever your battery is fully charged. Then, it is up to you to either unplug your laptop or keep it plugged in. After all, you know what kind of work or movie you’re working on or watching, and how much battery it eats up. Hence, the decision is totally up to you.

Can you see how powerful these two cards can be when combined? Let me tell you, for me, they are a great experience booster for my laptop. No more battery dying on me unexpectedly, no more staying put in one place to charge my battery once full. I now have full control over my battery in a hassle-free and comfortable way. Does it sound like something you’d like, too?

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



I encourage you to introduce this small change to your daily PC routine. Having the notifications popping there for you when you need them is a tiny yet significant change and a big-time saver which may result in a great productivity boost. And who wouldn’t want that?

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Ellp: A PC automation tool for everyone

Ellp PC Automation Tool- Featured Image
Written by Janice

August 17 - (5 Min Read)

Remember The Jetsons?! Ok, so we’re still not flying around with our personal jetpacks and we still don’t have Rosie the Robot Maid, running around the house doing all the chores and preparing our meals for us. But, we’ve come a long way! Automation is very well out there and it is something that as of late many are relying on.

Basically, most of the devices we use day in day out, are now connected to the Internet. It’s not just our smartphones and computers, but also our speakers, home appliances, cameras, you name it. It doesn’t just stop there though, these devices now can also communicate with you, sending you information and even take in your commands. This is all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), which basically connects any device with an ‘on’ and ‘off’ button to the Internet and other devices, and makes them responsive to your needs.

IoT is a key component of automation, from mechanical automation, to home automation, to PC automation, and much more. But what interests us the most is PC automation, because even though we live our lives on our smartphones, we are PC users as well. The thing is, most apps and services now focus more on mobile devices, and PCs are left behind – Ellp is here to restore the balance.

Learn More CTA

But how?

There are multiple tasks that we keep on doing on a daily basis or need to be doing but never get around to do, some of which, are very time-consuming and tedious. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could automate these tasks on your Windows PC? As it happens, Ellp can help out with just one click.

With all life’s complexities, Ellp eliminates the burden of day-to-day activities by allowing you to easily automate your tasks around your specific needs. Imagine being able to set your device to automatically let you know when your email is involved in a data breach, and offering the right solutions for it. Better yet, how about being notified when your hard disk is getting full, giving you options, and guiding you on how you can regain precious space. Or even the capacity to snap you back to work when you’ve spent a lot of time mindlessly scrolling on Facebook. Wouldn’t that be swell?! Well…With Ellp, all of this and more is made available to you!

Ellp PC Automation Tool - Cards

What can Ellp really do for you?

Boosts productivity

Ellp is designed to make your daily routine easier. Need to download some materials or save a document sent over to you by a colleague or a family member? Want to make sure you don’t have unnecessary duplicate files in your Downloads folder and that you can easily track what you downloaded into specific folders? Ellp takes care of this and much more. This not only increases your productivity but also lets you focus on the task at hand, with fewer worries and less stress.

Puts you in the driver’s seat

One of the main benefits of Ellp is that it provides you with more control over your PC, allowing for a better device experience. Everything is within your grasp, granting you the possibility to customize as you go along with just a flip of a switch. It allows you to set your personal preferences and personalize notifications around your specific needs. For example, if you’d like to check whether your Internet speed keeps fluctuating you can set your ideal internet speed and the time when Ellp is to check it for you.

Helps protect your online security

With significantly more time spent online, we’re bound to be exposed to the dark side of the internet and all the dangers that lie within its grasp. Thankfully, Ellp helps with that as it safely checks all your accounts linked to one email address for possible breaches. Not only that but it also safeguards your personal data (credit card numbers, medical records, even your full name and birthday) by performing a privacy cleanup every single day so that you can safely make the most of the online world with no risks at stake.

Gives you more transparency

With its very own personalization system, Ellp gives you options and the flexibility to customize the cards around your preferences. Notifications also add to the transparency element, giving you insight and keeping you up to date with what’s happening on your PC.

Ellp PC Automation Tool - Editing Card


So what are you waiting for? Take charge over your device experience, and simplify your life with Ellp. Get more out of your device and take comfort in knowing that once your preferences are set, Ellp will take care of the rest.

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5 Ways to stay safe online

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Written by Aneta
Online Marketing Champion

August 14 - (5 Min Read)

From Skype conversations with family members scattered around the globe, to paying your bills, doing your research on best insurance offers, to having your medical records stored online and even shopping – our lives are happening online now. As convenient and popular online life is, it needs to be said – it can be quite dangerous. In 2015, more than 177,866,236 personal records like payment cards, personal identifying information (first and last names, social security numbers, address, birthday) and medical records were exposed via 780 data security breaches (according to the ITRC Data Breach Reports). 2017 has already been the most active year when it comes to hacking endeavors and we are only halfway through it.

What to do not to be the next victim?

It might seem simple, just upgrade your Antivirus and Anti-malware software and create stronger passwords, but it’s never that easy! But don’t worry, the Ellp Team has got your back. There are a number of simple ways to boost your online security at no cost and with minimal workload. Plus a bonus: an all-in-one FREE solution – Ellp that is of great help when it comes to online security!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

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Here are our 5 tips to stay safe online:

TIP 1: Never leave your device unattended

Let’s start with the simple and most obvious tip! Even if you are simply stepping away from your desk for just a couple of minutes and there are other people around you (family included) always remember to lock your device, so no one else can use it. With their best intention at heart, other people may have other Internet routines, and unwillingly expose you to online threats. As they say: better safe than sorry!

online security tips-blog-02-turn off

You might think it’s unnecessary or excessive but physical security is as important as technical security. You can get Ellp to help you out! Let’s say you always take a break from technology at the same time. Then, why not set up the ‘When it’s time, turn off my PC’ card? You simply choose a specific time and action: Sleep, Restart, Hibernate or Shutdown. This way you can rest assured that your device is not accessible whilst you’re away!

TIP 2: Always set up strong passwords

One can never preach enough regarding this. As much as we think that the name of our pet or the birthday or our son are strong and unhackable passwords, they are not. In fact, we are all supposed to have more than one password for our devices and multiple accounts. Rock solid passwords should be at the top of your list. If you need some guidelines, you can take a look at our previous blog post onHow to Rock Passwords for guidelines on how to create strong passwords.

online security tips-blog-03-breach

Having said that, you may still be a victim of data theft. However, Ellp can help you out with that as well. By simply activating the ‘When my email is involved in a data breach, alert me’ card, Ellp will immediately notify you if any of your accounts registered with a particular email address are involved in a data breach, so that you can change your password and safeguard your accounts from any further breaches.

TIP 3: Be mindful of what data you share

It is very important to use the Internet in a very mindful way. Avoid visiting unknown websites, and be careful of what you download online, that is, make sure you always make use of trustworthy sites. Also, keep in mind that scammers are constantly sending unsolicited emails and might send you attachments or links, asking you to provide them with sensitive information, which once clicked would infect your PC with malware.

Even if you are very careful about what you do and what data you share, the risk of being hacked is still there. Each online activity leaves behind personal traces: be it browsing the internet, shopping online, even chatting with people and sharing photos. If unprotected, this info can be easily accessed by hackers.

online security tips-blog-04-privacy cleanup

Ellp offers a card called ‘When it’s time, perform a privacy cleanup’. It automates a daily cleanup of any unneeded remnants of your online activities and keeps you safe. All you need to do is to set up the time you want for Ellp to take care of your daily safety.

TIP 4: Update your software on a regular basis

Whatever you do, do not put off software updates. Your PC’s operating system relies heavily on such updates and aside from improving the functionality of your system, they also help patch up any security issues. Remember an unpatched device is more vulnerable to hackers. If you constantly find yourself pushing them off, consider setting up your device to automatically update your operating system.

TIP 5: Remember: YOU are the target

Don’t ever exclude the possibility of you being a target! The ‘It won’t happen to me’ attitude is wrong, as we are all vulnerable and all at risk of being hacked. So keep in mind the pointers above and do whatever it takes to secure your security and privacy online, as you never know, you might be NEXT.

Start boosting your online security right here and now! Download Ellp for free and set up the above-mentioned Security cards to protect you straight away:

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

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Once you download, you can find all the instructions here in case you get stuck at any point.

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