Ellp’s Top 10 Tech Quotes

Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

October 19 - (10 Min Read)

Here, at Ellp, we are a bunch of tech enthusiasts who share the same passions: we enjoy inspiring landscapes, delicious food and spending quality time with people we care about. In today’s world, these simple things that matter to us the most, are often the ones we don’t seem to have time for. From your child’s first few steps to the most delicious meal your grandma cooked to sharing a  romantic sunset with your partner – we all tend to miss out on these on a daily basis. We find ourselves constantly busy, always doing something with the majority of time spent in front of a screen. This is exactly why we developed Ellp, to change just that!

As I was looking for inspiration for the next blog post, it came to my attention that our Top 10 Productivity Quotes (https://blog.ellp.com/top-10-productivity-best-practices/) was something that you really enjoyed. This prompted me to create this blog. Top 10 Tech Quotes to:

  • share with you my perspective on technology with you
  • motivate you to bring back the life-technology balance
  • make technology assist you (and not the other way around).

I put some Ellp spin on it every now and again to show you how Ellp’s mission translates into solutions that we offer you in the form of Ellp cards. Enjoy!


Read this carefully and run a quick mental thought. On what part of the equation are you? If you wake up and check your emails or social media first thing in the morning, have most of your conversations on various devices and fall asleep in the evening with your laptop on you, I hate to break it out to you, but you’re doing wrong!


Ellp is a great example of technology working its wonders like that. Always active and protective of you in the background, it only alerts you when your action is needed, while fulfilling all time-consuming duties for you (and instead of you!) This way, you can focus on what really matters most.


What truly matters? This one is tricky, as it varies from one person to another. Having some quiet time away from your devices can help you get it right. Just some pointers. For sure, it’s not the number of likes that your pictures get or that email thread that keeps you up at night.


Another reminder that technology is there for us to express ourselves beyond previous technical limits. To be creative, and productive. To learn something new that was previously limited to a few. At times, it can get tricky, when we get sucked into the daily routines of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, working hard and… missing out on important dates and events. Use Ellp to help you limit (or at least monitor) your Facebook time, remind you to take a break (in order to relax and freshen your mind, get some perspective) and updated of any important events!


While I’m not thrilled about that, it’s a fact. We all tend to maximize our efficiency endlessly. And yet, when it comes to taking care of our PCs, we let them slack off. A long startup, duplicate files, desktops full of folders, pictures, and icons that simply make efficiency impossible, why do we accept that? Ellp is there to help. Just outsource all these tedious tasks to Ellp and once set up, enjoy the power of automation in action. Noticeable efficiency boost guaranteed!


At times, we get feedback that our users simply can’t grasp what Ellp does for them in terms of background processes. Isn’t that what magic is as well? You may not be sure how the magic happens but you can certainly see the results enjoy being wowed. Think of checking if your email was breached. It happens every few minutes yet Ellp is not communicating it to you and it does that not to overwhelm you! A lot of Ellp functionalities work in a similar manner, silently and in the background, doing their job.


Have you ever noticed how often the programs that you use on the regular basis change? If you are with Ellp for a long time, you have witnessed several updates that we introduced: from multiplying the number of cards by four, to added functionalities like multi-configuration of cards. Let me assure you, there is even more to come your way! Why? In order to thrive in the software industry, companies need to be extremely responsive to users feedback. And here, at Ellp, we pride ourselves in doing so! For reference, check Kri’s article on how to build a community of passionate people and the one about what we do with all your feedback.


I put this quote as this is exactly how I used to feel every time my laptop would allow me around 5 minutes to drop all I was doing and run, RUN, to plug it in as the battery was dying on me. This is why all laptop battery-related cards are my favorite! Whether I want to know whether it’s fully charged or when it’s dropping below a certain level, Ellp is there to let me know about it. No more running around like lunatic again for me! In case you are like me, here is the link with detailed instructions on how to manage your laptop’s battery with Ellp


This quote is amazing as it gives just the right perspective of technology. Simple, mundane tasks, that require no brain power nor creativity, no wit nor brilliant observation skill, can be simply automated and done by the machines. No one opposes to the machines taking over tasks in the factories that put human life at risk or robots filling in for humans in the most dangerous of operations (think drones). Yet, day-to-day PC automation is still a new solution for so many PC users. The risks of using Ellp are virtually zero! Why not take full advantage of it now?


Technology is unlocking time and resources. Yet, the compassion, as Bill Gates calls it, is the most important part. From possibilities to save and share memories to spending more time together when separated miles apart, to changing the world either by information, donation on innovation, technology can, in fact, make this world a better place. Yet no one will make your world better for you. So, once again, I suggest: spend more time unplugged, enjoy real-life relationships, look at the clouds in the sky, and dream more…


P.S. If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of tasks for you; from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and productive, to monitoring your online safety and even elevating your entertainment. And what’s best – Ellp is free to download and yours to keep!

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When my desktop gets crowded, organize it

Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

October 17 - (3 Min Read)

My partner has literally no icons on his desktop. Not even one!  Everything is perfectly organized where folders are neatly kept in sidebars. He also has beautiful artwork displayed on his screen which is there to inspire him. Me on the other hand: no wallpaper, desktop full of folders, icons, pictures, you name it. Chaos!

While there are not many people like Dave, many – me among them – inspire to have their desktops cleaned and organized. Once a week at least, I do perform a desktop cleanup. It’s a draining task, takes a lot of time and patience.

When our Product Team first introduced the card called ‘When my desktop gets crowded, organize it’ I admit I wasn’t too excited initially. I imagined it would simply grab ALL I have on my desktop and pack it into one folder that I will never locate. Gosh, was I wrong!desktop-gets-crowded

The card does pack my desktop items into a folder yet there is a cool logic behind it!

First of all, I get to choose when the action is triggered. I can choose a number of items on my desktop (it could be 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50). When that threshold is reached this would trigger Ellp to clean up my desktop. Every minute, Ellp performs a check. The moment my desktop items reach the chosen number, Ellp is there to organize them for me into a folder called ‘Desktop Items [ELLP]’ that is now located on my desktop and easy to find as there are (almost) no items there.


Second of all, there are some items still left on my desktop and this is brilliant! Why? As Ellp never packs existing folders so you can always find them in their place. You can also easily move your files from the ‘Desktop Items [ELLP]’ to folders that should have been stored to in the first place. The rest, you simply delete.



Third of all, any items visible in the Public Desktop are not handled by this card. Which means that if your PC is part of a work network, some files will not be moved to the folder created by Ellp. They will remain visible on your desktop for you to access them easily.

How do you take files out of the ‘Desktop Items [ELLP]’ folder?

The same way you’d move them among other folders. You either drag them to where you want them to be, or you copy and paste them in the desired location.

‘When my desktop gets crowded, organize it’ card essentially means no more random files scattered all over your desktop and very minimal effort on your end. Ever since this card was introduced, we have noticed the constant interest in it and thousands of users have it activated. Funnily enough, there was also a visible spike in the use of the Ellp card called ‘When my favorite card posts a picture, set as desktop background’. Coincidence?

If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of tasks for you from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and productive, to monitoring your online safety, and even elevating your entertainment. And what’s best – Ellp is free to download and yours to keep!



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10 Most Useful Windows Shortcuts for Non-Tech Users

Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

September 21 - (5 Min Read)

From speeding up efficiency to increasing productivity, and desperately trying to minimize monotonous and annoying tasks, those of us who want to be ahead are searching for ‘one-click’ solutions. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler to just take the shortcut, and go high speed into productivity mode? Think of what kind of edge useful Windows shortcuts give you above all these multi-clickers!

This is the same logic that made us create Ellp. Yet as much as we’re doing our best, Ellp can’t just yet solve all your computer tasks. So to further help you save time and move forward to what matters most, we decided to compile a shortlist of most useful Windows shortcuts to speed up your PC activities.

10 most useful Windows shortcuts for non-tech users

1. How to enable Ctrl key shortcuts?

In order to do that you need Command prompt. It’s a command line interpreter used to carry out entered commands. In some cases, such shortcuts need to be activated. To do this you’d need to open Command Prompt. Simply go to the Windows Start menu and in the search box type in ‘Command Prompt’ and run it, right-click and select ‘Properties’ from the drop-down menu. Once inside the Properties box, select the ‘Options’ tab and from the selection, and tick ‘Enable new Ctrl key shortcuts’. This makes your PC responsive to any Ctrl + keyboard shortcuts. Like what?

Here’s a bunch of the most popular and extensively used keyboard shortcuts that will help you with copying and pasting.

  • Ctrl + C – copies the selected text
  • Ctrl + V – pastes text at the cursor
  • Ctrl + A – selects all text and images on the clipboard
  • Ctrl + X – removes or ‘cuts’ the text so that you can paste it elsewhere
  • Ctrl + Z – undoes your last action

2. Taking a Screenshot

Instead of stuffing your PC with tons of files and documents, why not take a screenshot? This is a lot less time-consuming, it’s also perfect if you’re trying to save disk space.

To take a screenshot, simply press: Windows key + Prt Scr

All screenshots will be automatically saved on your PC. These can be found here:

File Explorer\This PC\Documents\Pictures\Screenshots

3. Open Settings Swiftly

Want quick access to your settings? Simply press: Windows key + I on your keyboard. This will give you easy access to settings and tools for managing your PC.

4. Cycle through items in the Taskbar

Press: Windows key + T or Windows key + Shift + T

This keyboard shortcut allows you to move visual focus from the taskbar. By pressing ‘T’ again while still holding down the Windows key, you’ll be able to cycle through items in the taskbar. Enjoy pedaling away!

5. Optimize Window Management with Task View

Task view is a new feature for Windows, which opens and expands all your open windows so that you can view them all simultaneously.

Use these keys:

  • Windows key + Tab – Once you press and release both keys they will open the new task view interface, which will stay open even after keys are released.
  • Alt + Tab – This is not a new shortcut for Windows, what it does is it gives you the possibility to cycle through open windows. By clicking on the Tab key, you can keep on flipping through windows.

6. Open and Close the new Virtual Desktop

Like the Task view, the Virtual Desktop feature is also new to Windows and both go hand in hand as they are integrated with one another. This feature allows you to create multiple desktops, which are able to hold their own set of application windows.

 Use these keys:

  • Windows key + Ctrl + D – to create a new virtual desktop and switch to it
  • Windows key + Ctrl + F4 – to close current virtual desktop

7. Switch from one Virtual Desktop to the next

To do this, simply press and hold: Windows key + Ctrl + Left/ Right Arrows, to switch from one virtual desktop to another.

8. Snap Assist

This feature was first introduced back in Windows 7 and has now been further enhanced and improved with the Windows 10 version. This window snapping feature helps you to speed up processes rapidly. Allowing you to snap windows from left to right, or from top to bottom by just pushing two buttons.


  • Windows key + Left Arrow – to snap window to the left
  • Windows key + Right Arrow – to snap window to the right
  • Windows key + Up Arrow – to snap window to the top of the screen
  • Windows key + Bottom Arrow –  to snap window to the bottom of the screen

9. Restore a Closed Browser Window

How many times have you accidentally closed a browser tab? I do it all the time :/ But fret not! By pressing Ctrl + Shift + T, you’ll be able to reverse your action and reopen your last closed browser tab. Good save, right?

10. Bookmark a Webpage

Do you like what you’re reading, would like to save this webpage for future reference? Simply hit, Ctrl + D, in your preferred search engine, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and a dialog box will pop up, which will prompt you to bookmark the page, edit the name of the bookmark, and even select the folder where you want to save it.


This is the full list of the top 10 most useful Windows shortcuts for non-tech users. These shortcuts are quite basic and at times you may not be sure what to use them for. Yet with time, they come in handy more and more often! Feel free to add yours in the comments!

If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of tasks for you from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and be productive, to monitoring your online safety and even to elevating your entertainment. And what’s best – Ellp is free to download and yours to keep!




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5 reasons to take a break

5 reasons why you need to take a break
Written by Janice

September 18 - (1 Min Read)

How many a times do you actually sit down ready for a productive day at work and yet get so little done? Don’t you worry; this doesn’t just happen to you. Most of us spend the majority of our time hunched over our keyboard, staring at our screen, which isn’t great, well for just about anything! Let’s face it; staring at a screen won’t get the work done… if only it were that easy. The reason behind why you might feel that you haven’t put a dent in that to-do list of yours might be just because you didn’t take your much-needed break.

Most of us are guilty of not taking enough breaks during our workday. Why? Well, we look at breaks as a waste of time, or we simply think it will put a halt to our productivity flow or maybe even worry that our bosses would think that we’re just slacking off. Oh, we couldn’t have been more wrong! Breaks, even just 5-minute ones can work wonders and might be the best thing you do all day. And now, Ellp is there for you to remind you about them!

5 reasons to take a break

5 reasons to take a break

Breaks increase work productivity

A study conducted by the University of Illinois shows that people who take a break every hour are able to focus more on their work and be more productive. How? Well, by providing your brain with the necessary breaks it so obviously needs, you return to your desk with a fresh mind and renewed energy. This also increases our attention span and helps sustain our concentration. After all, it’s not just us who numb out after a day of work, but our brains too!

Breaks boost creativity

Just like a car needs its fuel to keep going so does our creativity! No matter how much we enjoy doing our job, sometimes we end up staring into space trying to come up with the next big project for our company to take on but come up empty-handed instead. That shouldn’t come as a surprise if you don’t stop for a break. Even if it’s for just five minutes, simply stepping away from your desk, helping yourself to a cup of coffee, skimming through today’s newspaper or just going out for a bit of fresh air, can work wonders and get your creative juices flowing.

Breaks can help memory and learning

We’re constantly overwhelmed with the amount of information and to-do lists at work. Most of us end up with thousands of sticky notes as a sorry attempt to remember everything. But that doesn’t always work, does it? This is why downtime is so important, as it not only gives us that much-needed energy boost but also helps us with recall and with retaining more of what we’ve learned.

Breaks are essential for brain function

I bet many of you are guilty of having their lunch break at their desk. No one’s pointing fingers, I do it too. Thing is, this doesn’t help us at all. We’re trying to think about eating and working simultaneously, and most of the time we won’t be doing our job properly, just because we’re not fully focused on the task at hand. So the next time you’re up for a lunch break, just step away from your desk and step outside and give yourself some time to actually focus on eating. You deserve it! Remember your brain needs to think about other things, rather than just work, in order for you to be able to return back to your desk fresh. Just by taking that short break, you’ll get back to your task refreshed and be more productive.

Breaks relieve stress

Just like any other engine, the human engine runs on energy. So when you’re tired and don’t take your break, you’re setting yourself for disaster and creating more stress on your body. Your brains, your eyes, your body posture, need a break. So do yourself a solid one and step away from your screen every so often, to recharge and distress. This way you’ll prevent a work burnout and get back to work feeling more energized.

Ellp is here to help

If you’re the forgetful kind, there is a simple way to make sure you remember about your daily breaks. Yes, you guessed it, Ellp is there to help with its new card called ‘When I’m working hard, remind me to take a break’.

It’s normal to get carried away whilst you’re hard at work. It happens to each and every one of us that we’re just so focused on what we’re doing that we barely notice the time, and forget to take those so deserved short breaks. By activating this card, Ellp will notify you when you need to stop what you’re doing and take your break. To get the card, simply hit the download button below.





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Top 5 Ellp Cards to Boost Productivity

top 5 productivity cards-03
Written by Janice

September 11 - (7 Min Read)

Friday… your weekend is about to start! Saturday… Sunday and BAM! It’s Monday again! Still in awe at how the weekend just flew by in the blink of an eye. Oh well, all good things come to an end, and now we find ourselves back at the office, ready for a full week ahead. Thing is Mondays are ever so difficult to shake off. Talk about Monday blues! I guess we’d still be buzzing off the weekend vibes.

The worst thing is that unknowingly we tend to be less productive on Mondays and we find ourselves constantly battling to get to the bottom of our tower-high stack of work. Therefore, you can just relax, it’s not just you who experiences that Monday feeling, it is a universal phenomenon. Snapping back into productivity mode just after a relaxing weekend is difficult for everyone. But don’t fret! Ellp is here to help you snap out of that groggy morning feeling.

Learn More CTA

Here are our top 5 Ellp cards to help boost your Monday productivity:

1. When my desktop gets crowded, organize it

Clutter doesn’t encourage productivity! I’m not only talking about desk clutter but also about disorganization on your PC. Most of the time you end up saving hundreds of files on your desktop without finding the time to organize it as you keep postponing it for later. Try this Ellp card, to help you organize your desktop. Once activated this card will help you clean out your desktop when it gets too overcrowded.

2. When I download the same file twice, let me know

It’s pretty easy to lose focus and lose track of what you’ve done already, especially when it comes to downloading files. This Ellp card is here to take care of just that! By activating this card, Ellp would notify you of any duplicate files you’ve downloaded and get rid of them for you. Not only that, but this will save you the ordeal of having to go through multiple duplicate files in the future.

3. When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me

Probability is, that you’d go on Facebook just for 2 minutes, but it’s funny how you always end up scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed for an hour. It’s addictive, we know all so perfectly well! It happens to the best of us. However, you need to minimize this curb of enthusiasm for Facebook. If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, then why not activate this card, and have Ellp ping you every time you’ve spent too much time on Facebook.

top 5 productivity cards-01

top 5 productivity cards-02

4. When I open an application, open another one

Isn’t it annoying having to waste time searching for, and then clicking on your favorite applications to open? Now you can get straight to the tasks that really matter, as when activating this new card, found within the Productivity category, Ellp will launch that one application that you use on a daily basis upon opening another application. Isn’t that neat?! By using this card you can rid yourself of morning mayhem and let Ellp set the right tone for the rest of your day.

5. When I’m working hard, remind me to take a break

If you’re the kind of person who gets so lost in their work, then this card is ideal for you. It’s normal to be so focused on an important task that you forget to take your breaks. However, breaks are important just as much as any other task. It might sound counter-intuitive, but believe me, it’s not! Just like any other engine, your brain needs to refuel. So every now and again, step away from your desk, go make yourself a cup of coffee or simply step out for some fresh air. Your brain and body will thank you for it. While you’re at it get Ellp you help you with it. To do so simply activate the card and Ellp will notify you every time it’s time to take a break.

If you still haven’t tried Ellp, why not follow the link below and get these productivity cards!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



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Time tactics to effectively increase productivity

productivity tactics- blog-01
Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

August 28 - (6 Min Read)

So much to do, but oh so little time! We only have 24 hours a day at our disposal, and we do need to rest during those hours. So making the most of our time is of utmost importance. The usual working hours are 8 hours, so we’re constantly striving to fit in as much work as possible. Some of us actually stay in a couple of extra hours but to be totally honest with you I’d rather plan ahead and work a tad bit smarter, so I can leave on time.

The thing is, most of us find it a bit difficult to prioritize and manage time effectively. So the question would be, how can you work smarter? We’ve scoured the web to find the best time tactics to increase productivity during working hours, and also included some Ellp cards that could help you out.


learn more cta

Here are our findings:

1. Plan and Track

In a previous blog, we spoke about how important it is to plan ahead, as an important task might creep up in the last minute and you’d have to prioritize. You can’t leave everything for the last minute, but ideally, before leaving work, you take a couple of minutes to write up a list of the tasks that you need to take care of the following day. This way you won’t waste time and you can get straight to business. Apart from planning ahead, you might want to track how much time you spend on daily tasks, in order to be able to allot enough time for particular tasks.

When it comes to time tactics, you might also want to monitor the time spent on Facebook. Ellp can help with that! All you’d have to do is activate the ‘When I spend too much time on Facebook, ping me’ card and you’re all set.

productivity tactics-blog-02


2. Set deadlines

This definitely goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned point. Just by keeping track of the time spent on certain tasks, you’ll be able to set achievable deadlines along the way. Setting deadlines will help you be more productive, as knowing that you have to finish a particular task by a certain day and time, will help you focus more and get things done.

3. Tackle dreaded or huge projects first

There’s always that one task that you might put off for later just because you know it’s going to give you a hard time, or just because you keep saying that you’ll be able to focus better on it later on. Truth is, you never get around to it then! So why not get it out of your way, and off your chest, and relieve yourself from all that stress. That way you can then fully concentrate on other work.

4. Say hello to mono-taskings

Forget multitasking! You’d think you’re being productive and more efficient just by taking on multiple tasks when in reality you won’t be doing so! You’d be trying to focus on so many tasks that you’d end up doing a half-assed job or end up with numerous open tasks. Try tackling one important task at a time, making sure you complete it and then move onto the next. This will not only save you time but will also make you more productive.

5. Take a break

Last but not least, do take a break! Just like any other engine, your body and brain need to refuel too. I know what you’re thinking, but no, you won’t be wasting time. On the contrary, just taking 5 minutes to go for a coffee break, move around a bit or going out for lunch, will give you that much-needed boost and energy to get back into work mode. You’ll return back to your desk with a fresh pair of eyes and mind, which in turn will help increase your productivity.

If you feel you need that reminder to ping you whenever it’s time to take a break, why not make use of the following Ellp card: ‘When it’s time, remind me to do something’. This way you’ll get that energy boost you so desperately need during your working day.

productivity tactics-blog-03

Hope you found this article helpful! If you have some other time tactics suggestions that you’ve found useful, please do share them with us below.


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!

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5 Tips to Effectively Manage your Time

Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

August 7 - (8 Min Read)

Are you constantly nagged by the idea that you forgot to do something? This is fairly common for most of us these days. Why? We lead a very hectic life and we’re always on the go, trying our utmost to keep up with everything and everyone. Either running errands or trying to make it on time to a meeting or simply trying to make it to every family or work event. We try to never miss a beat! Unfortunately, we don’t always succeed, and this is where time management and planning come in handy.

Truth is, time couldn’t be more precious, especially now that we’re busier than ever. We’re always in a rush, trying to fit everything and do the impossible in our daily routine. However, fitting everything into our daily schedule can be a bit of a struggle, to say the least. This is why we’re going to present you with 5 tips to help you improve your time management skills by planning, prioritizing, and setting goals. Together with a little extra help from Ellp.

1. Plan ahead

Don’t just go with the flow as no one knows what the day has got in store for them. You could easily stumble upon an obstacle whilst working on a particular task, so planning ahead and having a process in place will definitely ease your work day and help you be more productive. Planning ahead gives you more structure and that way you don’t have to jump from one task to another (rarely managing to complete anything). Whether you’re the type of person who gets more work done in the morning or afternoon, you can always make use of the following tip:

  • Try putting together a list of the tasks you need to get done the following day. This way you wouldn’t have to think about it in the morning and you’ll be able to enjoy that cup of coffee, knowing that your to-do list for the day is ready 😉 It wouldn’t be a bad idea to peg a time limit to certain tasks either.

If you’re the forgetful type and know for sure that you need to be reminded to get your to-do list sorted, why not have Ellp remind you. All you have to do is edit the ‘When it’s time, remind me to do something’ card, according to your preferences and activate it. Ellp will then remind you about your important activities.


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!




2. Prioritize tasks

Take a look at your list and prioritize your tasks. This is a golden rule, so it would be best to identify crucial tasks that need to be tackled first and addressed by end of day. Focusing on one thing at a time, you’ll see that you’ll start checking tasks off your list in no time. Not only will this give you a sense of accomplishment as you’ve finished the essential tasks but it will boost your productivity.

3. Know your goals

Knowing what you want in life and what you want to achieve through particular tasks is key for you to grow in your career. So your daily plan should revolve around tasks and activities that will help you achieve just that and excel in what you do. It’s no use wasting time on things that will not generate any growth and help you move forward in your career.


4. Learn to say no and delegate more

It’s futile taking in a number of tasks, and increasing your workload when you know you won’t be able to accomplish all of them on time. It’s better to say ‘no’ and tackle the tasks at hand and deliver a well-executed job on time, rather than handing in half finished tasks, just for the sake of saying you’ve taken care of X amount of tasks.

If there are things that others can help you with or simply that others can take over in order for you to get to more important tasks, then consider delegating. It doesn’t come naturally to all of us, but learning to delegate can ease your workload, allowing you to focus on the tasks that matter most.

5. Avoid distractions

Obviously, if you’re in the office, you’re bound to be interrupted by someone, this is unavoidable. So you have to allocate some time for when one of your colleagues asks for your help. However, distractions can also be self-induced. How? Let’s not forget the time we waste checking our social media accounts or texting on our phone. Pay attention and track self-induced interruptions. It’s not easy we know, but try switching off your phone for a couple of hours or simply turn off chat notifications. You’ll see that you’ll be more productive.

If you know that you tend to spend a lot of time on Facebook, why not activate the ‘When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me’ card. This way Ellp will ping you every time you spend more than the allocated time mindlessly scrolling through the newsfeed.


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!




Extra Tip: Most importantly take care of yourself, make sure you get enough sleep and exercise, as this affects your productivity. Whilst at work you need to be alert, you need to get the work done, otherwise, your mind would be wondering off and you won’t be able to concentrate, resulting in a waste of time.

Those are our time-management tips, if you have some other tips that you’ve found useful and that help you with your daily work plan, please do leave a comment below.

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7 PC Hacks for Accountants

pc hacks accountants-00
Written by Aneta
Online Marketing Champion

August 3 - (10 Min Read)

Anyone who thinks that the accounting world is a steady peaceful world of numbers can’t be more in the wrong. With the recent changes being more and more visible across the industry, clients looking for much more than number crunching, softwares, and artificial intelligence (AI) taking over, business on the decline and levels of stress on the raise, being an accountant may be quite far away from having a peaceful and non-eventful job.

At Ellp, we want to make sure that we provide professionals with the best PC and workflow experience. Therefore, we asked ourselves this simple question: How can Ellp ease an Accountant’s day-to-day frustrations on their laptop or desktop?

Ellp presents a number of options called ‘Cards’ that can be activated with a simple flip of a switch. Here are 5 daily pains that can be solved with Ellp:

Issue 1:  Finding the right Excel file

“Navigating to the relevant folder on my PC to save a file it is one of my top issues”, explained Carmen Morris from On The Money Bookkeeping. With constant back and forth sending of documents, amending final versions and getting them revised/ approved, you name it – it is very easy to lose track of where what is stored.

Hack 1: ‘When I download a document, save it to my preferred folder’

Here is how Ellp can help:

This card allows you to assign a place where the document will be saved in the download process! No extra steps. You don’t need to sort them out manually, Ellp does it for you in a split second.

Pro-tip: Say, in the morning you work on the case of Company X and you expect to download several documents connected to that case. You simply set up Ellp to save them all into the ‘Company X’ folder and this is where you find them from now on. Then, past lunch, you proceed to work on accounts for another company. All you do is you change the name of the destination folder on the Ellp card, and again, all documents will be filed automatically. No manual looking for proper files and dragging them around. Don’t tell me it’s not exciting!

pc hacks accountants-02

Issue 2: Finding the most recent version of the file

“Finding the most recent version of the file is what consumes far too much of my time at work”, says Stacey Price from Healthy Business Finances,  “especially since we share files between remote staff on a daily basis. And it’s crucial to always know which is the most recent one.”  This is just another aspect of the constant flow of emails and documents between team members and clients. And again, Ellp has a solution for that.

Hack 2: ‘When I download the same file twice, let me know’

This is an Ellp card designed especially to help with that issue. If the same file is downloaded more than once to the same folder of your choice, Ellp automatically notifies you about it and asks you to decide whether you want to keep all of the identical files or just the most recent version of it. Problem solved with just one click. You never have to go through 15 versions of the same file to determine the proper one! One less headache.

Issue 3: Storage issues on my laptop and not being able to save new documents

The times when we believed a certain amount of storage space is impossible to fill up are far beyond us. With the countless amounts of information we produce and consume, no hard disk is able to keep it all. Especially, if it’s not well taken care of.

Implementing solutions 1 and 2 already prevent the disk space from filling up with countless and useless duplicates. But there is more that can be done.

Hack 3a: ‘When my Recycle Bin is filling up, keep it clean’

This card does just that: once it finds old files (between 7 days and 1 year old – based on your choice) in your bin, it lets you know and offers you to clean it up. This way, your recycle bin, the one place we tend to forget about, is always protected from being overloaded and more free space is made available to you.

If you find that the previous card is it not enough, there is one more Ellp card that’s got to have your back:

Hack 3b: ‘When my hard disk is getting full, free up space’’

How does it work? How does Ellp know which are the unwanted file that will not go missing when you need them the most? Reuben, the Head of Product at Ellp, explains: ‘”The hard disk cleanup card utilizes Window’s own built-in cleanup tool, which safely selects junk files and any other remnant files (for example, when you uninstall an app, your PC does not get rid of all its related files immediately) which are not being used by you or your PC anymore. What Ellp does is that it automates this cleanup for you when you really need it, so that you don’t have to go through this draining process manually.’” Does it make sense? It certainly does to me, and in fact, I will switch this card on my Ellp now. And… done!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!


Issue 4: Making sure sensitive data is secured

“When you work with private data and sensitive information, the online security of computer files and cloud programs is one of the main concerns”, Stacey explains. We hear you. Again, I asked Reuben, if this is something that Ellp can help with. His answer was twofold.

Ellp offers two cards that are related to online security yet they are not designed specifically for professionals as they tend to have other means of securing their data. Having said that, in case you are a small business owner working from home, any level of online security is better than none. This is why I will still explain the Security Cards for you.

Hack 4a: ‘When my email is involved in a data breach, alert me’

This card notifies you when any of your online accounts registered with your email (such as Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook etc.) involved in a data breach. What does it mean? Any services that you registered to, using that particular email address would be monitored and if the info was exposed, this card will tell you which account was breached. If this happens, one of the best first steps to do is to go to that account to change your password. Simple yet very handy and may be a life-saver.

Hack 4b: ‘When it’s time, perform a privacy cleanup’

Personal traces that you leave while browsing the internet, shopping online, even chatting with people and sharing photos or other personal information – if unprotected, can be accessed by hackers. The ‘When it’s time, perform a privacy cleanup’ card automates a daily cleanup of any unneeded remnants of your online activities and keeps you safe.

pc hacks accountants-03

Issue 5: My PC takes ages to start up

Having to reboot my PC on the odd occasion because something is playing up and then having to log into all my browser-based software again is very frustrating – shares Carmen. Losing important data and results of hours of work at time is a pain we can all relate to. And one that no one wants to experience anymore!

Hack 5: ‘When an application is slowing down my PC startup, alert me’

Chances are that the suspicious applications will make themselves visible to your Ellp very early in the process of using your PC, mainly at its startup. The ‘When an application is slowing down my PC startup, alert me’ card is there to point out to you any programs which are having a heavy toll on your PC when it is staring up and getting ready for you work. Ellp will expose the culprits, and it’s up to you to see whether you really need these apps to run at every PC start-up or not.

There is one more issue that we feel like a lot of accountants face, even though no one mentioned it to us. This is common though to all PC users, so it’s hard to believe that accountants don’t do this. What is that? Time wasted on Facebook, of course!

Bonus Hack: ‘When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me’

The beauty of this card lies in its simplicity. The ‘When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me’ card does just that – pings you when you spend too much time on Facebook. How much is too much? You decide – it can be anywhere between 1 minute and 4 hours!

We have presented to you 8 out of over 30 Ellp cards that can help you in your daily accounting struggles. Let me remind you again that Ellp is a free software that you can download now, by clicking on the button below, and get rid of those struggles once and for all. Ready?


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!


Great! Once you download, you can find all the instructions here in case you get stuck at any point.

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How to clean out, sort and organize your files

organize files
Written by Aneta
Ellp Evangelist

July 24 - (7 Min Read)

It’s Friday and you just managed to finish off a work task and ready to head home for the weekend, when Ding! You just received an email from one of your colleagues, asking for a particular file that you had worked on a couple of years back. I’m pretty sure that at that point in time, your mind would be like, “Oh no! In which folder did I place it?”

Not to worry it happens to the best of us! For me, emails like these result in instances of panic, looking up old files in the hope of finding the one I really need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go the way I want it to, and sometimes a search that should have taken a minute, had I organized my folders, spans to hours.

The thing is, we’re so busy that we tend to brush off organizing our files for later, but then we never actually get to it. In the meantime, our files keep on accumulating. By the time we actually get to organizing our files and folders, our hard drive is stuffed to the brim with downloaded files, music, movies, duplicate files, etc. This does not only make it even harder to go through all the files and organize them, but also takes its toll on PC performance.

So how can you create order from chaos?

With the following 3 simple points or with flipping the proper switch within Ellp, you’ll find that you’ll start introducing small changes into the way you organize your files.


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!




1. Cleaning

First things first! Ideally, we start by going through all the files, deleting any duplicate files and other unwanted files. You’d be amazed by the amount of space such files take up on your hard drive.

To save yourself the ordeal of going through multiple duplicate files in the future, why not activate the Ellp card, ‘When I download the same file twice, let me know’. This way Ellp would notify you of any duplicate files and get rid of them for you.

organize files-duplicates card

2. Sorting

Once you’ve cleared any duplicate and unwanted files, move each file type to its respective folder. That is if it’s a document move it to the Documents folder, if it’s a song move it to the Music folder, photos in the Pictures folder, and keep doing this for all your files.

You might say but isn’t that the obvious thing to do? Well, yes it is. But it wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve downloaded a song or document and left it in the Downloads folder. Am I right? Only saying this because I do it too!

Ellp can help you sort out your files in an easy and hassle-free manner. Simply activate the following cards, and whenever you download a document, picture, movie or song, it will save it to your preferred folder, which you specify before activating the card. Easy, no?!

  • When I download a song, save it to my preferred folder
  • When I a document, save it to my preferred folder
  • When I download a movie, save it to my preferred folder

organize files-3-ellp-cards

3. Getting organized

The last thing to do is to create folder structures. Creating folders and sub-folders helps not only to streamline your folder system but also to free up storage space, giving your PC the performance boost it so needed.

With such a neat folder system, sorting your files wouldn’t take up a lot of time, as once downloaded you can easily move it to its respective folder. Making it easier for you to locate files, as you wouldn’t have to sift through hundreds of files, but go directly to the folder you saved it to.


This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!




We encourage you to make this small change in the way you sort and organize your files, as it not only simplifies your PC daily routine but also boosts PC performance. And why not get Ellp to help you out, whilst you’re at it? This way you can focus on more important tasks at hand.

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Here’s to more productive days!

Beat the Monday Blues with these Productivity Best Practices

Written by Janice

July 17 - (5 Min Read)

For some Monday mornings are really enjoyable, maybe because they don’t have to wake up early or go to work or simply because they’re a hummingbird and are ready to start the week. However, for the majority of us, no matter how much we enjoy our work, going back to the office on a Monday, after a weekend of relaxation or partying, isn’t that enticing. It’s no wonder that even the best of us are dragging our feet back to work on a Monday. Talk about Monday blues!

So to kickstart your week, we’re going to share with you 10 productivity quotes with the aim of stimulating efficiency and boosting your productivity for the week ahead!

1. “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”



Don’t procrastinate. We’re all guilty of doing this, but by putting off starting on a project you’ll only be adding to your workload. Why? Well, along the week the workload is only going to increase. So always keep in mind that what you do today will improve your tomorrow.

2. “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”



Rome wasn’t built in a day and this applies to your daily grit. You’re not expected to comprehend and do the impossible. So start slow, ask questions along the way, and you’ll see that in no time, you’ll master everything down to a T and be able to make sense of what you didn’t understand in the beginning. Simply, “believe you can, and you’re halfway there” (Theodore Roosevelt).

3. “Focus on being productive, instead of busy.”


Busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive. Most often than not you’re so overwhelmed with your workload that you’re not really focusing on what you’re doing, leaving more room for mistakes. So set goals, prioritize your tasks, focus on one thing at a time, avoid distractions and most importantly give yourself a break.

4. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”



Okay, so he is the creative mind behind all our favorite childhood movies, but I’m pretty sure that not even Walt believed that chanting to oneself and waving a wand or sprinkling some pixie dust would get the work done! So quit stalling and start working, prioritize your tasks and get your most dreaded tasks out of the way so that you don’t walk around with a pit in your stomach for the rest of the week!

5. “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused planning.”



You don’t simply stumble across productivity, but you need to work at it. What does that mean? For starters, your attitude towards work needs to be a positive one, in the sense that you show interest that you want to learn, constantly striving for excellence and delivering nothing else than brilliant work.

6. “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”



As the 34th US president, who was also in charge of orchestrating the Allied Invasion of Europe during World War II, I believe that this guy knew a thing or two about planning ahead. So don’t just go with the flow as you never know what obstacles you might encounter along the way. Have a planning process in place, know what you have to do and why you’re doing it, how you’re going to execute it and ultimately everything will fall into place.

7. “Hard work isn’t enough, and more work isn’t the answer.”



Through most of our childhood and early teen years, I’m pretty sure that most of us have heard the message – “Work hard and you’ll be rewarded”. Not so, says LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who believes that climbing that famous ladder of success relies on “determination, ingenuity, and laziness.” Yes, you heard right, laziness! Ok, so not laziness in that sense, but more like you’d be conserving your energy in order to focus it on the things that really matter.

8. “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”



Knowing what you want in life is just the starting point of it all, but at least you’ve got the driving force sorted. But that’s not all, as Ziglar says that’s only the first stepping stone. You also need to prepare to win, so again we’re touching on planning here, and last but not least expect to win – believe that you can eventually achieve what you put your mind to.

9. “Always deliver more than expected.”



Going the extra mile can speak a thousand words. Don’t just simply give what you’re asked for, just for the sake of getting the work done, but add value to it and you’ll see that at the end of the day you’ll be rewarded for it.

10. “The key to productivity is to rotate your avoidance techniques.”



We all have those tasks that we dread doing and constantly avoid them saying that we’ll tackle them the next day. However, we tend to keep brushing these off from day to day! Bad call, as at some point we need to tackle them. So the next time around, why not get those out of your way and boost your productivity.

We know Monday is the day we all love to dread, but we do hope that these productivity quotes will motivate and inspire you to kick your productivity into high gear!

And of course, we offer Ellp to help you not only on a Monday but throughout the whole week! If you haven’t downloaded Ellp yet, download it now and let it do all the small yet important tasks on your PC, so that you can focus on what matters most! We know you want to – after all you are on the lookout for productivity boost (which is Ellp’s middle name)! And yes, Ellp is still free for you to enjoy.

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!




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Have a productive week!