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Written by Janice

March 23 - (3 Min Read)

Mornings are always the worst – I must tell you I’m more of a night owl than a morning person. The thought of getting out of my comfy and cozy bed is quite challenging, to say the least! But once I finally do roll out of bed, I drag the rest of my body to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee. The time I really begin to kickstart my day, however, is over a quick browse through my favorite site, and then I’m ready to seize the day! I guess we all have our own unique morning rituals, but what we all probably have in common is that most of us perform the same set of activities day in, day out. So whether it’s checking our emails, scouring the web for the latest tech trends, or going through Facebook feeds and notifications, the first thing you do is power up your PC to open your favorite site.

Since most of us are usually running after time in the morning, we need to make sure that we utilize our time more efficiently. That means all activities must be planned to a tee. Ideally, this would mean we’d already have a few of our activities preset or automated beforehand. For instance, say you’re planning to head to the gym the next day, you’ll definitely need to pack your bag the day before, so after your morning tasks, you can just up and leave without hassling to find your ankle socks and your gym towel. In the case of your daily browsing ritual, wouldn’t it be great if you could wave your magic wand and your favorite site would launch immediately upon startup, without having to stay wasting time searching for and loading it yourself?

Ellp can’t magically brew that cup of coffee you’re so desperately in need of just yet, but it can automatically open any web page you’d like whenever you log onto your computer. This isn’t just useful for leisurely browsing pursuits, but it also saves you lots of time, so you can immediately go straight to the tasks that really matter.

So how does this work? That’s easy! All you’d have to do is activate this card ‘When I turn on my PC, open…’ and then you can either select one of the already pre-listed sites such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, or simply type in your own favorite site, and voila, you’re all set! Now, you’ll be able to start enjoying instant browsing

So what are you waiting for? Download Ellp and rid yourself of morning mayhem and let Ellp set the right tone for the rest of your busy day!

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