Ellp brings Easy Automation to PC Users

Written by Edward
Product Architect

December 6 - (5 Min Read)

2017 is on our doorstep and by now we should have gone exclusively mobile, we should be storing our data exclusively in the cloud, and flying around with our personal jetpack.

Jetpacks apart—yes, smartphones and tablets do help us stay connected and get stuff done. But let’s be honest here—it is sometimes so much more comfortable to use a PC. And despite cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive being unarguably useful, it hasn’t stopped us from storing our precious photos and documents on hard disks, USB pen drives and physical devices that we actually own and can access whenever we like.

So we may be mobile users and have online accounts for everything, but we are PC users too and we often find ourselves performing manual tasks to bridge the two worlds together. For example, when someone tags us in a Facebook photo, we might want to download that photo to our PC for posterity. Or if we stumble across a beautiful hi-res photo, we might want to set it as our desktop wallpaper. Yet the cool apps and services that let us automate these type of tasks always seem to be geared towards mobile devices, and PCs are left behind—Ellp™ is here to restore the balance.

Easy automation for PC users—why not?

There are so many tasks that we keep doing over and over again—wouldn’t it be great to have an application like Ellp do them for us automatically? As it happens, many of these tasks can often be phrased as straightforward rules, such as:

A friend has tagged me in a Facebook photo → Download the photo to my hard disk.

And let us not forget about those PC-specific chores we have to do from time to time, like freeing up hard disk space when we’ve almost run out of it. Those tasks can be cast as straightforward rules too:

My hard disk is almost full → Remove unnecessary files to free up space.

Then there are those things that we do so naturally, that we rarely think of them as rules:

I’ve plugged in my headset → Launch the Skype application.

It’s late at night → Mute my PC audio.

Consider yourself in luck, because Ellp is here to get these tasks and many more done for you automatically. Ellp comes preloaded with a set of useful automation rules, and all you have to do is flick a switch to activate the rule you want, and Ellp will get it done. Ellp makes automating tasks as easy as switching on a light bulb!


Being a native application keeps things uncomplicated

Because Ellp is an application that runs natively on your PC or laptop, it comes with the added benefit of connecting to your favorite services directly, without needing to go through a middleman. Let us say, when Ellp downloads a file for you, it downloads it directly to your hard disk without requiring you to sign in to a third-party online storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. The fact that you are already authenticated into your PC—by being the person who is using it—helps to keep things uncomplicated, as we like them.

More Ellp awesomeness is on the way

Go ahead—download Ellp (on Windows for the time being), install it, try it out and let us know what you like and what you don’t in the comments section below, or through the feedback form within Ellp itself. We know, Ellp may feel kinda empty right now, but the feedback we have received so far has been very encouraging and we thank you all for the ingenious rules you have been suggesting. Here at Ellp we’ve put together a solid platform that enables us to roll out new rules rapidly, and we promise you that more packets of Ellp goodness are on the way, so stay tuned!


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