Ellp meets the Tech World at the Web Summit

Ellp Meets the Tech World at the Web Summit
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November 16 - (5 Min Read)

The Web Summit is one of the largest Tech conferences in the world, held annually since 2009. It’s ‘where the Tech World meets’. This event attracts key Tech speakers, exhibitors, and visitors from all around the globe that come together to learn, talk and make connections for life.

This year the Web Summit was held in Lisbon, Portugal at Feira Internacional. There were over 60,000 attendees, it was massive! To give you an idea of how big this event is, just getting from one side of the Summit to the other during peak times took around 15 minutes – it was certainly a good workout!

There’s so much going on from startups exhibiting their ideas, to companies offering their products and services, to investors scouting for talent and potential acquisitions. But the biggest part of the Summit, at least to me, was the actual conferences.

The Summit held many talks with great people in the Tech industry. CEO’s, CMO’s and Heads of Product from well-established companies flew in to share best practices, personal success stories, and growth strategies with us.

Ellp Meets the Tech World at the Web Summit

We also got some fame while exhibiting Ellp in the Software area. Many people came by our stand to ask us questions about Ellp. They were very excited about having a PC assistant to help them with their everyday tasks. We had a laptop with Ellp on display which got many people curious about its functionalities, some people even came over to give it a try and test it out for themselves. Our proudest moment though was meeting people who already had Ellp installed on their PC’s, they talked about their favorite cards, their experience with our tool, and how Ellp has helped them. We also received tons of valuable feedback and great ideas on how we can make Ellp even better. The overall sentiment about Ellp was very positive.

Ellp Meets the Tech World at the Web Summit

Here are some thoughts about the Web Summit from the guys:

“It truly is the Glastonbury for web geeks 🙂 3 packed days overflowing with awesome start-ups and knowledge sharing. Also, having some of the best web pioneers within reach to ask them questions is both inspiring and a great exposure, which is difficult to get anywhere else.” – Reuben, Head of Product at Ellp.

“Having access to an audience of around 60,000 makes the Web Summit a unique opportunity to showcase your startup and learn some tricks from the biggest names in tech. Make sure you’re fit though, as keeping up with all that’s going around you can be challenging :)” – Gilbert, CEO at Ellp.

Yeah, and as both Gilbert and Reuben will agree with me on this one, make sure to eat a good breakfast – you’ll need it!

My personal take on the Web Summit:

“I found the Web Summit to be super educational. The concept could be compared to that of a University, where people come together to learn, share ideas, and grow.” – Kristina, Customer Success Specialist at Ellp.

This was a truly great experience for all of us. It left us inspired, motivated and ready to put loads of great ideas into action. This experience has served us in so many ways; on a personal level and even more so as professionals. We look forward to putting our new learnings and insights to work.

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