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August 17 - (5 Min Read)

Remember The Jetsons?! Ok, so we’re still not flying around with our personal jetpacks and we still don’t have Rosie the Robot Maid, running around the house doing all the chores and preparing our meals for us. But, we’ve come a long way! Automation is very well out there and it is something that as of late many are relying on.

Basically, most of the devices we use day in day out, are now connected to the Internet. It’s not just our smartphones and computers, but also our speakers, home appliances, cameras, you name it. It doesn’t just stop there though, these devices now can also communicate with you, sending you information and even take in your commands. This is all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), which basically connects any device with an ‘on’ and ‘off’ button to the Internet and other devices, and makes them responsive to your needs.

IoT is a key component of automation, from mechanical automation, to home automation, to PC automation, and much more. But what interests us the most is PC automation, because even though we live our lives on our smartphones, we are PC users as well. The thing is, most apps and services now focus more on mobile devices, and PCs are left behind – Ellp is here to restore the balance.

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But how?

There are multiple tasks that we keep on doing on a daily basis or need to be doing but never get around to do, some of which, are very time-consuming and tedious. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could automate these tasks on your Windows PC? As it happens, Ellp can help out with just one click.

With all life’s complexities, Ellp eliminates the burden of day-to-day activities by allowing you to easily automate your tasks around your specific needs. Imagine being able to set your device to automatically let you know when your email is involved in a data breach, and offering the right solutions for it. Better yet, how about being notified when your hard disk is getting full, giving you options, and guiding you on how you can regain precious space. Or even the capacity to snap you back to work when you’ve spent a lot of time mindlessly scrolling on Facebook. Wouldn’t that be swell?! Well…With Ellp, all of this and more is made available to you!

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What can Ellp really do for you?

Boosts productivity

Ellp is designed to make your daily routine easier. Need to download some materials or save a document sent over to you by a colleague or a family member? Want to make sure you don’t have unnecessary duplicate files in your Downloads folder and that you can easily track what you downloaded into specific folders? Ellp takes care of this and much more. This not only increases your productivity but also lets you focus on the task at hand, with fewer worries and less stress.

Puts you in the driver’s seat

One of the main benefits of Ellp is that it provides you with more control over your PC, allowing for a better device experience. Everything is within your grasp, granting you the possibility to customize as you go along with just a flip of a switch. It allows you to set your personal preferences and personalize notifications around your specific needs. For example, if you’d like to check whether your Internet speed keeps fluctuating you can set your ideal internet speed and the time when Ellp is to check it for you.

Helps protect your online security

With significantly more time spent online, we’re bound to be exposed to the dark side of the internet and all the dangers that lie within its grasp. Thankfully, Ellp helps with that as it safely checks all your accounts linked to one email address for possible breaches. Not only that but it also safeguards your personal data (credit card numbers, medical records, even your full name and birthday) by performing a privacy cleanup every single day so that you can safely make the most of the online world with no risks at stake.

Gives you more transparency

With its very own personalization system, Ellp gives you options and the flexibility to customize the cards around your preferences. Notifications also add to the transparency element, giving you insight and keeping you up to date with what’s happening on your PC.

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So what are you waiting for? Take charge over your device experience, and simplify your life with Ellp. Get more out of your device and take comfort in knowing that once your preferences are set, Ellp will take care of the rest.

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



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