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September 7 - (5 Min Read)

An all-new level of Ellp card Customization is something we’ve been working on for a while now, as you may recall from my interview a couple of weeks ago. And for those who follow our blog regularly, you might also be familiar with the way we prioritize feedback, and the huge influence you guys have on our product strategy.

One of the main topics among the 3,000+ positive messages we received so far has been adding more flexibility on the Ellp Cards’ customization options; which is a way you would be able to make an Ellp card truly yours.

The recently released Ellp Multi-Config feature is the first huge step in this direction. Don’t worry too much about the geeky name we chose for it, because the true definition you can use is “extending the awesomeness of a card to as much as I want to”  😉

Let’s take the card ‘When I turn on my PC, open my favorite website’ as an example. Till now, you could only configure this for 1 website, say your Gmail. But you might also want to open Facebook and some news site, right? Or perhaps set the ‘When my email is involved in a data breach, alert me’  card to also check online accounts registered on your partner’s, children’s, or parents’ email addresses. Well, now you can.

This feature is currently available on 14 of our Ellp Cards. To show you exactly how it works, I’ll use the card ‘When I turn on my PC, open my favorite website’ as an example. As always, 3 simple steps are key:

  • Step 1: Configure the first instance of the card to your liking, and activate it by clicking on the yellow ‘Activate Card’  button at the bottom.

multi-config feature-01


  • Step 2: The card is now ON! Go ahead and create a second instance of the card by clicking on the grayish ‘ADD ANOTHER’  button right below the card title. You should notice that the card title has duplicated itself. (Note: the ‘ADD ANOTHER’ button will only be visible on the Ellp Cards which support the multi-config feature).
  • Step 3: Simply edit the second instance as you wish. If the card is already ON, then there is no need to re-activate it.


multi-config feature-02


That’s it! Now you have a single card doing more for you 🙃 You can keep adding more instances – it’s unlimited!

multi-config feature-03

Created an instance by mistake? Or perhaps there is one you don’t need anymore? Just click on the close ( x ) right next to it, and it’s gone.  

Finally, when you go back to the main screen, you will notice that the Ellp card you just configured with more than 1 instance will have a stacked-like look. This is for you to easily distinguish which cards you have set more than one time.

multi-config feature-04

Yep, that simple. If you like the Ellp Cards and what they do, then you will love this, trust me!

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



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