Get in the Know when You’re Offline!

Written by Janice

March 30 - (2 Min Read)

Ever tried purchasing some awesome festival concert tickets, or set a movie to download, only to realize that half way through the transaction or download your internet connection got disconnected? This can be pretty frustrating as well as time-consuming, as it means you’ll need to go back and re-start the entire process from scratch.

In this day and age, the Internet has become a can’t live without commodity, not to mention a lifeline for most! Just imagine trying to get things done without it – the thought is disturbing, to say the least! But let’s not think about disconnection just yet…

Having a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential, especially in this information era where practically almost everything (in whole or in part) is done over the internet. So without a stable connection, there’s bound to be some serious hair pulling along the way.

Going back to disconnections… and going back to how important the Internet is to us, it’s especially nerve-wracking being suddenly cut off from the Internet. What’s worse, however, is being cut off and not knowing about it right away. Am I right?!

This is where our latest Ellp card comes in handy. We have developed a card with a heads-up system in place that notifies you each time you get disconnected from the Internet, so every time you lose connectivity you’ll be the first to know about it.

To find this card, simply open your installed version of Ellp, navigate to the ‘Performance’ category and just switch the activation toggle on, and that’s you all set!

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