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September 14 - (5 Min Read)

Can you recall the last time your device’s battery could last you through the whole day? Neither can we! We realise that battery life isn’t one of the most enticing subjects you’d want to read about… until your device’s battery dies on you, that is. Unfortunately, batteries don’t seem to fancy eternal life. Even with all the recent technological advancements made, we still haven’t come up with out-of-this-world battery technology. Meaning that, we can’t go longer than a couple of hours without charging our laptop, smartphone or tablet. Device batteries today aren’t as robust as they used to be.They aren’t built to last too long, leaving your device with a shorter battery life span, not to mention leaving you uber frustrated! Am I right?

Your device’s batteries won’t last forever. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t enjoy spending my time worrying about battery life. Because life doesn’t always work according to plan and you can’t always have your charger handy, other things can be done to alleviate battery life struggles. YES we can help! Say goodbye to impromptu battery failure, stop feeling powerless, and help extend your device’s battery life.

So how can I save my device’s battery life?

Simple, you can Master Your Tech by following these Ellpful tips: 

1. Avoid charging from zero to 100%

  • Don’t let your battery run all the way down. Best thing is to charge it before it’s fully drained.
  • Now the next thing I’m going to mention is something we’re all guilty of doing, myself included! You won’t be doing anything wrong if you charge your device to 100%, however, repeating this on a regular basis can take its toll on your battery’s lifespan.
  • For optimum performance, ideally you charge your battery when it’s below 50% and top it up a little, a couple of times a day till it reaches approximately 80%. It’s also suggested that once a month you charge your phone battery from zero to 100% so as to recalibrate the battery. 

2. Pamper your battery with some TLC

  • Avoid extreme ambient temperatures – don’t leave your device lying around in the heat, like in your car, or at the beach. Likewise, limit usage in extremely cold weather. The ideal temperature is between 16° to 22°C for mobile phones and tablets, and 10° to 27°C max for laptops.
  • Also remember to keep your device charging ports squeaky clean.

3. Economize and save some dough

  • Turn off Wifi and 4G as they drain your battery life. Remember, when possible opt for Wifi over 4G, as apart from draining your monthly plan, 4G also gobbles down a chunk load of power.
  • Turn off Bluetooth as it’s constantly on the lookout for signals around you, and once again drains battery power.

4. Change your settings

  • Dim your phone screen brightness. A bright display is your battery’s worst enemy, thieving you of your battery life at an incredibly fast pace.
  • Set your screensaver to timeout after a short amount of time.This way your device won’t be lit for longer than needed.
  • Turn on battery saving mode as this keeps a watchful eye on numerous power consuming features.

5. Turn off push notifications

  • Nowadays, the vast majority of apps constantly send alerts for updates, news and other information. Switch off these notifications, and free yourself from the clutches of the virtual realm. After all you can do without constantly receiving notifications of comments left on your social media profiles and the like.

6. Go easy on location services and GPS

  • Like Wifi and 4G, GPS and location services consume battery life very quickly. Simply shut off GPS and remember that you can always deny the access of specific apps to location services and regulate how much power they use.

7. Give your apps some shut-eye

  • Don’t leave apps running in the background – although having more than one app running at the same time is a remarkable smartphone and tablet feature, it can undoubtedly drain your battery’s energy.

8. BONUS charger tip off

  • For best results, it’s recommended that you use the charger that came with your phone. Using low-cost, third party imitations and knockoffs isn’t advisable, as they can potentially harm your battery and further reduce the lifespan.
  • Powerbanks are a great idea for when you’re roaming around. Can be a real life saver especially when traveling. Trust me after being stranded outside a shut down airport for hours with no battery – I KNOW!  All you have to do is charge the powerbank beforehand and you’re good to go.

We hope this how-to blog post was insightful and enlightening for you. Stay plugged-in for more Ellpful articles!

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