When my hard disk is getting full, free up space

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November 9 - (3 Min Read)

‘When my hard disk is getting full, free up space’ is one of our most popular Ellp cards. All our Product guys have it active on their PCs at home and at the office too. I never activated it for myself and in fact, I struggled to see its beauty. So being the curious person that I am, I talked to one of Ellp makers, Keith, to find out what I’m missing out on. And get that, the first thing he said was: This card can be highly addictive (what?!?) as it gives you the peace of mind that your PC is clean.


Who wouldn’t like to have the comfort of knowing that their PC is performing at its best? Next thing I did (and I invite you to do it, too) I activated the card. And as I was doing it, Keith continued explaining to me how the card works as I was still a bit apprehensive about my stuff being deleted.  

This card – as he explained – is basically an automated shortcut to what any PC user can do manually. It fully relies on Windows functionalities, and as such if you trust Windows to operate your PC you extend this trust to Ellp to automate this functionality. So,  instead of going through the daunting and time-consuming process of Disc Cleanup, Ellp can do it for you. What a relief!

This card allows you to choose a threshold for which you consider to be full. In my case, I set it to 25%. That means when my hard disk is 25% full Ellp will free up space for me. Soon enough a notification appeared on the bottom of my screen informing me that I can get back more than 1GB of disk space.


This is still a substantial amount of space, so naturally, I wanted to know what kind of files are going to be deleted. These consisted of setup log files, various temporary files, system error reports just to mention a few. In other (non-tech) words, these are temporary files that might have been useful at some point in time but are no longer needed anymore. So there is virtually no risk of losing photos from that wedding, short videos you made, and that beautifully composed emails from your loved ones. So, I clicked ‘YES’ and another notification popped up.


In less than a minute, I regained 1GB of disk space (which gives me more space to save stuff that’s  important to me) and at no expense whatsoever! Now I get why this card is so addictive. And the best part – if I were to do it by myself it would take me so much more time! Also, If I were to do this alone, I would have to remember to do this clean up in the first place. But with Ellp I don’t even need to monitor my PC or calendar in any maintenance, as Ellp thinks and takes care of all this for me.

So, now that I know it’s full capabilities, I’m definitely leaving this card switched on. I appreciate that it monitors the hard disk for me every day, works quietly in the background and saves my time.

Technical disclaimer: This card works for the primary hard disk (the one that Windows is installed on).


If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of PC tasks for you; from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and productive, to monitoring your online safety, and even elevating your entertainment. And what’s best – Ellp is free to download and yours to keep!



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