Hidden Social Media Tricks

Written by Kristina
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December 22 - (4 Min Read)

Just when you think you’ve grasped everything you need to know about social media platforms, something new creeps up on you. Do ‘Easter Eggs’ ring any bells? – not the kind of eggs you hunt for during Easter time obviously, but hidden tricks and hacks that programmers hide within online platforms and applications. Many of these mysterious features are kept on the down-low for tech savvies to discover. With the holiday season just around the corner, we figured we’d treat you to five of our favorite social media tricks.

#Trick no. 1
Bypass the character limit on Twitter

Let’s face it, there are instances where you need more than 140 characters to express yourself, but Twitter doesn’t let you exceed this limit and it’s frustrating, I know! Ok, there are numerous tools that let you bypass this, but what they really do is just add a link which takes your readers to another website. What good does that do?! Boy, do I have the right hack for you! Simply post a tweet as you normally would, then immediately keep replying to your own tweet to fit everything in. Your followers can see your super-long tweet by simply clicking the ‘View Conversation’ link.

#Trick no. 2
Follow without friending

Bet you’re doing backflips already! – Yes following without friending is totally possible. How can you see someone else’s newsfeed without officially being best chums on Facebook? That’s easy! Simply hit the ‘Follow’ button instead of sending a friend request. Before you get over excited and start doing cartwheels, it’s important to point out that not everyone has this feature enabled on their profile. Best keep this one quite as others will, sure enough, catch on to this.

#Trick no. 3
Mute feature on Twitter

Contrasting the Facebook ‘Follow’ feature, the ‘Mute’ feature on Twitter does the complete opposite. Let’s say you want to stay engaged with one of your peeps on Twitter but feel that their content is somewhat irrelevant, all you have to do is mute them by just clicking the more options icon (…) underneath their tweet and click ‘Mute @Username’. You can always unmute them later on if you have a change of heart 😉

#Trick no. 4
Hidden game in Messenger

Bored whilst waiting for someone to text back? Well, this trick should sort you right out! Hidden away within Facebook Messenger, this basketball game lets you challenge your mates to shoot some hoops directly within the chat window on your phone! To play, all you need to do is send a basketball emoji in your chat and then tap on the basketball emoji. This will immediately launch the game over your chat. Let the games begin!

#Trick no. 5
Saving links to read later on Facebook

How many times have you opened a link in a new tab, just so you can view it later but never get the chance to see it? Countless times I’m sure! Facebook, being the life saver that it is, allows you to save your links for later, just click on the drop-down menu in the upper corner of any post and select ‘Save Link’. Nice save, right?!


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