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August 21 - (6 Min Read)

If you’re anything like me, you may be in a love-hate relationship with your laptop battery. You do appreciate the flexibility it gives you to work away from your desk, or even from a coffee place, yet the moment the battery is ready to die on you feels like the most dreadful moment of your day. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand it – the rush to get the cables (they seem to hide from me, too!) and plug them in on time before my system goes to sleep.

Therefore, my two personal all-time-favorite Ellp cards are the ones related to battery management! And we have two of them, designed to help us not only to be in control of the battery levels but also to make sure we treat our battery well and extend its lifetime.

manage laptop battery - battery Ellp cards

Battery Card 1: When my battery is half empty, let me know.

You may be very well accustomed with this card by now as it has been available for quite a long time now. It is designed to save you from the stress, embarrassment, irritation, you name it, of having your laptop battery dying on you in the least desirable moment.

Usually, laptops only alert you when your battery is too low. If you’re constantly on the go, you need to plan ahead in order to save battery power. So, if you’d rather dodge flat battery and would like your laptop to warn you a tad bit sooner, Ellp can help with that!

All you need to do, once within the card editor, is to select the level of the battery that you want to be notified about. You can choose any threshold between 99% and 10%, up to your liking. This way, you’re adjusting your notification to meet your personal needs. Once you’re done, simply switch the activation toggle on, and that’s you all set.

Each time your battery reaches its threshold, Ellp will notify you so you know it’s time to get charging. Like this, you’ll be able to give yourself a bit of a heads up before your laptop dies on you, giving you ample time to plan ahead and charge your laptop before commuting or simply provide you with enough time to finish and most importantly save all your work.

Battery Card 2: When my battery is fully charged, let me know.

This card is very new, in fact, it was introduced this month and is already collecting some great feedback (and not only from me!) This is one of those cards that Ellp introduced based on our users’ suggestions. How amazing is that!

The thing with PC battery notifications is that you’re notified when your devices’ battery is running low, however, there is no available setting to let you know when your device has been fully charged.

You may be a bit confused on why would anyone need a notification like that. Let me explain. While research shows that leaving your laptop plugged in with the battery fully charged doesn’t cause any damage to the battery (may differ depending on the battery type), it may still negatively affect its lifespan. Who would want that? Plus, unplugging is good for your energy bills.

Once activated, this card will notify you whenever your battery is fully charged. Then, it is up to you to either unplug your laptop or keep it plugged in. After all, you know what kind of work or movie you’re working on or watching, and how much battery it eats up. Hence, the decision is totally up to you.

Can you see how powerful these two cards can be when combined? Let me tell you, for me, they are a great experience booster for my laptop. No more battery dying on me unexpectedly, no more staying put in one place to charge my battery once full. I now have full control over my battery in a hassle-free and comfortable way. Does it sound like something you’d like, too?

This is not a trial. It’s yours to keep!



I encourage you to introduce this small change to your daily PC routine. Having the notifications popping there for you when you need them is a tiny yet significant change and a big-time saver which may result in a great productivity boost. And who wouldn’t want that?

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