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November 2 - (4 Min Read)

Hi there,

As you’ll soon find out, unless you’ve heard already, October was a busy month at Ellp, to say the least. We’ve been working super hard to get Ellp to reach new heights for you.

So here are our top 4 updates:

1. Bexit (Beta Exit)

More than 30,000 lines of code, over 150 fixed bugs, new customization options, some seriously slick designs, and 39 Ellp cards later, we’re now officially out of Beta! This means an even better Ellp will keep unfolding before your eyes. Super Cards. Feature Boosts. And more!

2. Automatic Update

Backed by popular demand, we thought it would be best for Ellp to update automatically without the need for you to stay bothering with updating it yourself every so often – especially since we’re popping out new cards and features like there’s no tomorrow. When new cards or features are in, we’ll send you an email to let you know that they’ve arrived. Obviously, all cards are set as deactivated by default, waiting for you to turn them on if you want to.

3. The Ellp community

We created a place where you can share Your Ellp Ideas, this way we can build the cards you want to use. You can add your own ideas, up-vote, down-vote, share and comment why you like or dislike a new Ellp card. The ideas with the most hits will have a bigger chance of getting to the production line, so follow the news feed on your Ellp ideas page to find out if your card made it! Click here to start adding your ideas.

4. More cards! YASSSS

We’ve added two new Ellp cards to the bag! And while we were at it, we optimised one of our previous cards also.

Keep Me Focused is our newly upgraded card. Activate this card to get notified when you’re wasting time on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter – you name it!  The best part is that you can select as many sites as you like.

October at Ellp

P.S You’ll find this one in the popular cards section of Ellp. Enjoy!

Open Things Together is one of the newbies! Activate this card to get Ellp to open apps and folders together so you can get to them faster.

Rest Your PC Activate this Ellp card to get notified when your PC has been on for too long so you can give it a break.


If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of PC tasks for you; from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and productive, to monitoring your online safety, and even elevating your entertainment. And what’s best – Ellp is free to download and yours to keep!

download-cta norton-seal


And that’s all she wrote!

Until next time,


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