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January 3 - (7 Min Read)

Modern life is busy and there’s never enough time, yet, time seems to tick by even faster when we deal with the machine. When it comes to computers, whether we must wait for startup, upload or download, get sidetracked due to WiFi or disk space issues or simply procrastinate on Facebook, it’s easy to lose time in the virtual world. How do we remedy this, save time and be more productive?

Help is readily available and it’s free! These Ellp online tools solve some of the most common time-wasting problems we all face when working at a computer.

Ellp provides easy-to-use features (called Cards) that automate tasks to save time and boost productivity. All you do is choose, edit and activate the Cards you want. Ellp is, effectively, your PC assistant that handles your routine tasks. Download Ellp now.


4 clever ways to save you valuable time

1. How do I speed up my computer’s startup?

“Every single day, I feel like my computer startup takes an eternity and I wonder just how much of my life I’ve spent just waiting for my computer to perform its functions.”


Ellp can alert you each time an application is slowing up your PC startup by using this Card:

  • When an application is slowing my PC startup, alert me.

Furthermore, most of us have a standard set of go-to-applications and websites when we sit at our desk. Ellp also automates this aspect of your PC startup process with these Cards so that by the time you’ve made your coffee, it’s all ready waiting for you.

  • When I turn on my PC, open my favorite website.
  • When I turn on my PC, open my favorite application.
  • When I open an application, open a folder as well.
  • When I open an application, open another one.

2. How do I save disk space from old and unused files?

“I run out of disk space too often because I have no time to clear out my old and unused files. Cluttered folders also make it harder for me to find what I need!”


Ellp can help free up space and keep your folders tidy by using these Cards:

  • When my recycle bin is filling up, keep it clean.
  • When my downloads folder is filling up, clean out the old stuff.
  • When my hard disk is getting full, free up space.

When activated, you will be notified when files older than your set time have ripened in a folder and when your disk space has reached a set percentage, then you decide what to do with the files. On the other hand, you can keep your downloads organized with these Cards:

  • When I download the same file twice, let me know.
  • When I download a document, save it to my preferred folder.
  • When I download a picture, save it to my preferred folder.

3. How do I improve my connectivity and work without distractions online?

“I get really frustrated when I waste valuable time dealing with connectivity issues. Sometimes, when I’m online, I easily get side-tracked and lose precious work time.”


Ellp can help you with your Internet connectivity issues by using these Cards:

  • When I get disconnected from the internet, alert me.
  • When there is a new open WiFi spot, let me know.
  • When I’m spending too much time online, ping me!

No more puzzling over whether you are still connected to the internet so you can get on with what you should be doing. You can also limit the time you spend on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and so on – goodbye procrastination!

4. How can I boost my productivity level when I’m very busy?

“At the times when I need to work my best, I burn myself out, feel exhausted and find it difficult to stay focused.”


Take time to save time – you can set how often you take a break so you can stay focused. Also, no more distraction from watching the time. You can be reminded to do something important every day at the same time – your emails or lunch, for example – by using these Cards:

  • When I’m working hard, remind me to take a break.
  • When it’s time, remind me to do something.

Rather nifty, don’t you think? And these are only some of the ways your PC assistant can help you. Download Ellp now for free and explore the full list of Ellp Cards. Just click on a Card to learn about its features, then simply edit and activate. Enjoy the help!

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