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PC assistant
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February 26 - (5 Min Read)

The average American adult spends most of their waking day in front of a screen, whether it’s a computer, TV, mobile phone or a new gadget. We may not realize this, but as time goes by we keep spending more and more time on our devices. This means that a lot of time is wasted on processes and less time is spent on the important stuff like human interaction, offline hobbies and focusing on our wellbeing. Think about it, how much time do you spend on your PC doing tedious tasks like waiting for your PC to boot (or reboot), uploading photos, and deleting old files? If it’s more than you’d like, then you need a PC assistant to take all that menial work off your plate!

Welcome to Ellp! A new PC assistant that lets you set up IFTTT-style instructions that take care of all the boring but necessary tasks for you.  


PC assistant

If you’re constantly clicking away in front of your computer, Ellp can help you from slaving away at your desktop. This PC assistant helps with some of the most time-consuming, manually-driven tasks. You can automate your PC tasks by flipping through and selecting what we call “cards.” These cards are split into 4 categories that trigger actions around performance, productivity, security, and entertainment.

The setup is simple. After you download and open Ellp, choose the tasks that are most relevant to you – You have a choice of over 35 actions! Turn the activation toggle on or off for each card. Ellp quietly runs in the background, taking care of business. That means no more time is wasted from your end on removing files, organizing your desktop, muting PC sounds late at night or trying to remember when to recharge.

This is not a trial, it’s yours to keep!

PC assistant

PC assistant

5 signs you need a PC assistant:

1. You’re at work, you have tons of emails to go through, and because you’re so busy, you download files more than once, leaving you with multiple copies all over the place not to mention utter confusion. Which is the newest version??? Oh no! 

Don’t panic Ellp’s got you covered! Your PC assistant will let you know whenever you download the same file so you can save space on your PC. Plus, the action allows you to keep the most recent version and get rid of the rest.


2. You’ve just switched on your PC, you’re waiting for it to load…waiting…still waiting…5 minutes later, Ok loaded – finally! Now you’re trying to get things done on your PC, but for some reason, the system is overwhelmed, so it starts slowing down.

Ellp will get you back on track by telling you when an application is slowing down your computer. This way you can tweak the settings or remove it entirely to get back up to efficient speed.


3. You’re on a Skype call with your friend, family or a work conference call and suddenly the screen freezes and then goes blank. Is it me? Could it be them? Is it the application, my PC, or is it the internet that’s failing me?   

Ellp will alert you when you get disconnected from the Internet, even if it’s just for a few seconds, so you can eliminate the guesswork and go straight to the issue.


4. Your Recycle bin is full. There’s stuff that has been there for ages! Things just keep piling up but you keep forgetting to clean it out.

Ellp has a card that you can activate to keep your Recycle Bin clean so you don’t have to think twice about it.


5. With the number of data breaches that there have been in the past year, you’re worried about having your online accounts like Dropbox, Tumblr, Adobe, Badoo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and so many others compromised, but have no way of knowing for sure.

Your PC assistant can provide peace of mind to alert you when your email is involved in a data breach or cyber attack. Welcome to an extra layer of automated security with Ellp.  

Know anyone else who can relate? You can share your favorite Ellp cards with your friends through your social network.

Here’s a glance of what the Ellp interface looks like.

PC assistant

Ellp creates solutions for the “always busy, always doing something in front of a screen”. We want to help you and your friends close the gaps that human error, forgetfulness, and complexity create. Our minds are already spread thin, and we need more time for ourselves to focus on the fun stuff.

So far, the reviews say it’s “simple but accomplishes a lot,” “pleasant for the eyes,” and a “pretty cool application.” Ellp is available on Windows laptops (compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) and desktop PCs.

Ellp is at over 150,000 downloads – already!

Save yourself the hassle and get your very own PC assistant


This is not a trial, it’s yours to keep!

PC assistant

PC assistant


Need more information about Ellp? Click here to read an article outlining the benefits of using this PC assistant.

P.S Don’t forget sharing is caring. Spread the Ellp love with your friends and family so that they can enjoy having a PC assistant too!

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