2 New Internet Cards

Written by Janice

June 8 - (2 Min Read)

‘Our lives revolve around instant access to a world without walls’. What does that mean exactly? We’re online every second of the day except for when we’re sleeping I guess, and we always want the information there and then, as efficiently and fast as we can get it. What really matters to us is having constant access to a WiFi connection, making sure that we’re online anywhere at any time. Obviously, being online at any time isn’t enough as we also want to make sure that the internet speed is up to par with our expectations.

Ellp’s new updates focus on the needs of today and therefore we present to you the latest card additions:

When there is a new open WiFi spot, let me know
Connectivity is key! Especially considering the fact that we’re living in the WiFi era, whereby if we have no WiFi connection we have the tendency to start feeling lost. Let’s be honest, it’s a heart- wrenching moment when you realize that you no longer have internet connectivity! Your main thoughts at that point are, ‘How am I going to tweet about my latest mishap?’ or ‘How am going to finish off sending this email while in transit without WiFi?’ – you see your life basically revolves around WiFi connectivity. But what happens when you’re not in the comfort of your own home or office, and you have no WiFi connectivity? Wouldn’t it be great to be notified of any open WiFi spots in your vicinity? This new Ellp card can help you out with that, simply turn on the activation toggle and Ellp will start notifying you when a new open WiFi spot is available around you.

Open WiFi Spot

When it’s time, check my Internet speed
How many times were you working on a project and your internet connectivity kept faltering to the extent that you couldn’t get any work done? Countless times, I would imagine, unless you’re one of those lucky persons, whose blessed with the talent of blocking out the most painful moments ;P What wouldn’t you give up for a steady Internet connection? It’s a bit of hassle to continuously test out your Internet speed, however, Ellp can sort that out for you with just a flip of a switch. Once this card is activated, Ellp will update you with your latest Internet connection every day at the time of your choice. How neat is that?!

Internet Speed

We sincerely hope you’re enjoying Ellp as much as we are creating it. We love to receive your feedback and seeing your suggestions come to live. We look forward to hearing more about your experiences and we promise you there’s a lot more Ellp cards coming your way!

How can Ellp Enhance your Gaming Experience?

Written by Aneta
Online Marketing Champion

May 3 - (6 Min Read)

An enemy has been slai-iiii-iiiiii-nnnn…
You have been slain…
and disconnected!
Now you have to reboot. You know your PC will take ages to restart and the penalty for AFK (staying away from your keyboard, abandoning your team mid-game) isn’t something you need right now! Wait a moment before you decide to uninstall and throw your PC out of the window. Ellp might be able to help!

Ellp – a new Champ in the gaming world

Was Ellp born to help gamers? Not exactly. But we can all shape our own destiny, and so can Ellp! One thing to take into consideration about Ellp, is that currently it’s still a low-level character on its way to its full glory. We’re constantly growing and developing to make gaming beyond smooth, and as we level up, we plan to add more and more functionalities to create the Ultimate PC Gaming Experience, for gamers like us. However, the main quest here, is what can Ellp do for you right now?

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Skill path 1: Performance

No one wants to use a wooden computer. You might be surprised to find out that there is more to your PC than you think. With some simple applications, Ellp can help you boost the performance of your PC. How? With the help  of the following two cards:

1. When your hard disk is getting full, Ellp will be there to free up some space
It will notify you about the issue and will ask you to perform a cleanup to get rid of some unwanted files that you never use so that the space can be used up by what matters.

2. When an application is slowing down my PC startup, alert me
Ellp can significantly help with improving PC startup time by identifying those high impact processes which you may potentially do without. This is done by connecting directly to the system’s Task Manager; focusing on the “Startup impact” resources. Any resource you free up, be it memory or processing power, can be used to increase your gaming experience. Sounds good? Brace yourself, there is more.

Skill path 2: Internet

If you are anything like us, a lot of your gaming frustrations come from the quality of your Internet connection. With the ‘When I get disconnected from the Internet, alert me’ card activated, Ellp will notify you immediately when there is an interruption in the Internet connection so that you don’t have to check it manually in the middle of the game.  we can help you monitor your connection so that you know what’s coming.

Now, there is a small disclaimer here – our dev team is still working to make sure that the notifications overwrite the game layout so that you can actually see them. Please bear with us, we are leveling up, remember?


Skill path 3: Ease of Use

Chances are, that you’re currently immersed in a single game experience only. For me, it’s League of Legends. For my colleague, it’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. We’re not playing anything else at the moment. And of course – we use our headsets for an even better in-game experience. So… we came up with the following card: ‘When I plug in my headphones, open my favorite application’. You simply choose the game .exe file and it’s there for you upon plugging in your headset. There is a really good news and not that good news connected to this card. The really good one is that whether you play on your laptop or your PC, you are able to connect not only your headset yet also your speakers to build the best sound experience. However, if you play on your laptop only, you need the USB connection in order for this card to work.

Another card that we find useful, and you may too, is the ‘When my battery is half empty, let me know’. Easily customizable, it keeps an eye on your power levels while you are busy eliminating your enemies. The real value of this card is that you are able to set the threshold to any level you want. After all, it is you who knows how much power need to be left for you to plug in the laptop without it shutting down. So forget standard 20%, you need 50% to be on the safe side? Can be done! Cool, huh?

This is the selection of cards that we find especially useful for gamers, yet Ellp offers much more! Currently, Ellp offers over 20 cards that take care of your PC’s performance, online security, productivity, and entertainment. With the new update coming next week (8th May 2017), Ellp will offer over 25 different cards and the number is ever-growing. In fact, we would like to ask you, to…

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Help us shape Ellp’s destiny

No character can develop without the help of the outside world. Don’t be a silent NPC (non-player character, someone who lets life pass them by)! Have your say in Ellp’s gaming-related functionalities, so that we can develop them for you. Get your own free copy of Ellp now (later, you may forget to do so), install it and have a look.

As much as we hope that you will like our app, we hope it will leave you hungry for more. Let us know what other gaming-related cards you’d like to see in Ellp. For now, we have a treasure chest full of ideas, yet we’d love your help evaluating them. I can’t wait to hear from you! Email me on aneta@ellp.com to put a smile on her face (and some more work on our dev team’s backlog!)

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Get in the Know when You’re Offline!

Written by Janice

March 30 - (2 Min Read)

Ever tried purchasing some awesome festival concert tickets, or set a movie to download, only to realize that half way through the transaction or download your internet connection got disconnected? This can be pretty frustrating as well as time-consuming, as it means you’ll need to go back and re-start the entire process from scratch.

In this day and age, the Internet has become a can’t live without commodity, not to mention a lifeline for most! Just imagine trying to get things done without it – the thought is disturbing, to say the least! But let’s not think about disconnection just yet…

Having a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential, especially in this information era where practically almost everything (in whole or in part) is done over the internet. So without a stable connection, there’s bound to be some serious hair pulling along the way.

Going back to disconnections… and going back to how important the Internet is to us, it’s especially nerve-wracking being suddenly cut off from the Internet. What’s worse, however, is being cut off and not knowing about it right away. Am I right?!

This is where our latest Ellp card comes in handy. We have developed a card with a heads-up system in place that notifies you each time you get disconnected from the Internet, so every time you lose connectivity you’ll be the first to know about it.

To find this card, simply open your installed version of Ellp, navigate to the ‘Performance’ category and just switch the activation toggle on, and that’s you all set!

New Ways to Work Smarter with Ellp

Ellp update
Written by Janice

March 17 - (3 Min Read)

At the beginning of the year, we promised you a lot more Ellp cards to come your way. As you might know, we never disappoint and always keep our promises! With 17 cards already at your disposal, we are thrilled to announce yet another new Ellp update, featuring 3 new card releases 🙌

When I plug in my headphones, open my favorite application

Do you find yourself opening the same applications each time you start up your PC? Since most programs and applications don’t launch automatically upon startup, this means you have to stay spending time locating and opening them manually. If you’re limited with time, this way is certainly not helpful! While pinning your favorite applications to the taskbar is one option, we have a better and faster way to do this! With Ellp’s latest card, you can now automatically launch your preferred application whenever you plug in your headphones. All you need to do is find this card, choose your favorite application, and switch the activation toggle on – and that’s you all set!

ellp update-headphone-favourite-app-card

When I download a document, save it to my preferred folder

When saving documents to your PC most operating systems tend to save all downloaded files to the downloads folder, which means you need to stay searching through tons of downloaded files just to find the one you’re looking for. This way of going around things is not only irritating but also very time-consuming! To help you keep everything organized on your computer, Ellp came up with a brand new card that lets you save your downloaded documents to a preferred folder of your choice. Now you can access the files you want with ease by simply selecting and activating this card – this way you can use your time more effectively.

ellp update-prefered-download-folder-card

When I get disconnected from the internet, alert me

Ever tried purchasing some rad festival concert tickets or set a movie to download only to realize that half way through the transaction or download your internet connection got disconnected? This can be pretty frustrating, especially since there’s no heads-up system in place to let you know that you’ve been cut off!  But don’t stress about it too much, Ellp can help you out with this one! Once you activate this card, Ellp will notify you each time your internet connection gets disconnected – this way you’ll be the first to know when you’ve lost internet connectivity 🙂

ellp update-internet-connection-card

For those of you who have been using Ellp, we hope you’re enjoying it! If you haven’t tried Ellp yet, what are you waiting for?! Download Ellp and ease your daily routine 😉 We look forward to hearing about your experiences.