Time for a Brand New Ellp Update

Ellp update
Written by Janice

March 9 - (3 Min Read)

Over the past couple of months, the Ellp team has been sweating blood and working double time to better your experience with Ellp. Constantly striving to improve and enhance the Ellp platform with more and more cards that will help you simplify your life! So without further ado, we gladly present TWO brand new cards:

When I lock my PC, mute the sound

The one hotkey you most probably make use of constantly throughout your working day is the ‘Win+L’ to lock your PC. This comes as no surprise! This is something we all do, especially just before stepping away from our workstation for a couple of minutes. Locking your device is good practice, as it helps you keep your work private and safe from prying eyes. The only thing that locking your device won’t do, however, is mute the sound for you. It’s common courtesy to mute the sound playing on your PC when you’re in a workspace with others around you, so as not to disturb the peace with music blaring out of your headphones or speakers. Muting the sound is something you can do yourself manually, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just set your device to mute automatically? Thankfully, this card will do just that! Activate this card so that each time you lock your PC, Ellp will automatically mute the sound for you. This way you’ll not only save yourself the trouble of having to do it yourself, but you’ll also keep the peace ✌️

Ellp update-PC Lock

When I download a picture, save it to my preferred folder

How many times a day do you download pictures onto your PC? Countless times I’m sure! Whether at work or at home, we’re constantly saving stuff on our devices. By default, whenever you download any type of file on a Windows PC it goes directly to your downloads folder. Sticking to this process is quite time-consuming, as you’ll have to stay searching through a barrage of downloaded files just to find that very picture. With Ellp, you can save yourself the hassle of fishing out your downloaded pictures by just activating this card to guide your pictures to a folder of your choice. This way all your pictures will automatically go to one place so you can easily locate them.

Ellp update-Pic Pref Folder

We do hope you’re enjoying Ellp as much as we are creating and developing it! We look forward to hearing about your experiences and we promise you there’s a lot more Ellp cards coming your way. So stay tuned!

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