What are Ellp Cards?

Written by Janice

February 2 - (2 Min Read)

Comfort and convenience are probably the two most desirable qualities people are striving for in the products they use today. According to Google Trends, over the last couple of months there was a noteworthy increase in the number of searches for the words, ‘easy’, ‘simplify’ and ‘minimize’ – I guess we’re all looking for products that make our lives easier, particularly applications like Ellp™ that make boring and critical day-to-day tasks vanish into thin air – so to speak. We’ve already introduced you to Ellp in an earlier blog post, but we never really went into the nitty gritty details of the cards themselves.

So what are Ellp cards and how do they work?

Ellp cards are the heart and soul of the whole automation concept. Each card helps you carry out a different task, covering a vast number of categories including the internet, social media, power, performance, space, security, multimedia and privacy. From removing duplicate files, saving your tagged photos, securing your privacy, freeing up disk space, getting real-time weather updates, notifications that your battery is half empty and much much more…

The card itself is based on a trigger and action approach. What’s this? Well, imagine you have a bottle of soda, when you shake the sealed bottle it becomes even fizzier creating more pressure so once it’s opened it explodes – The trigger, in this example is shaking the soda bottle, while the action is a big foamy mess! 😜 Now let’s use an Ellp example, ‘When my hard disk becomes 85% full, free up space’. Here, the low disk space is the trigger, and the freeing up of space is the resulting action.




The best part of the Ellp card concept is that you can personalize them around your needs. You can flip through and select your preferred Ellp cards with ease.

1. Choose the cards that matter most to you
2. Edit them to your liking with Ellp’s simple editor
3. Switch the activation toggle on.


Once your cards are set you can sit back, relax and let Ellp take care of the rest. There you have it, your life simplified in 3 simple steps. You can continue with your everyday routine, with Ellp silently running in the background, only alerting you when an action is required from your end.

With Ellp you can certainly tick that comfort and convenient box! Once you go Ellp, you never go back! Go ahead—download Ellp and start automating easy 🙂 We promise you that more packets of Ellp goodness are on the way, so stay tuned!

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