When an application is slowing down my PC, alert me

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November 14 - (4 Min Read)

Do you remember the excitement of starting your new fresh-out-of-the-shop PC for the very first time? How smooth and fast it was?! You may look at your PC now wondering why these beautiful days are long gone. I’ve heard of some cases when a laptop would take over 5 minutes (yes, over 5 minutes, enough time to fix yourself a coffee) to start up. As much as we like to assume that this comes with age, computers are not humans, and can be fixed back to as-good-as-new state!

There are many possible reasons why your PC may be running slow at startup. Just to name a few:

  • temporary files,
  • web browser data,
  • security threats

… and more. In reality, this list can be never ending! However, there’s one thing that affects PC startup time more than the rest, and that’s large and bulky applications that keep running in the background which as a result cause slow bootup time.  

There are manual ways to track and disable these applications. Yet, if you’re reading the Ellp blog, I can safely assume that you prefer to invest your time somewhere else and let automation do your job for you! So… the name of the card you’re looking for to take care of your startup issues is ‘When an application starts slowing down my PC startup, alert me’.

This card can be found under the ‘Performance’ category. All it takes on your end is to activate it. Next time you start up your PC, Ellp will let you know which applications are slowing it down. This way you can stop wasting time and just go straight to the applications that are delaying you from getting on with your work and close them, allowing you to get straight to the important stuff!

With this card active, no more annoying delays in getting your gear ready to serve you! And you just saved your PC a few good years of serving you, too. Well done!

If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of PC tasks for you; from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and productive, to monitoring your online safety, and even elevating your entertainment. And what’s best – Ellp is free to download and yours to keep!



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