Why Windows® First?

Written by Gilbert

November 10 - (4 Min Read)

Ellp has been a fantastic journey so far. It’s been great to engage with early subscribers, followers, and interested users from the get-go, even before the actual launch.

We received tons of feedback, support, and constructive reviews that are really shaping the look and feel of the product. One common question, which has been on many software experts and early-beta users minds is; “Why Windows first, and not mobile or Mac for instance?” This is a great, and a fair question to ask, especially when considering that most startups have put Windows users on the back burner, devoting all their efforts to mobile users instead.

When together with the Ellp team, we started dwelling on the idea of developing a tool that automates day-to-day tasks, we never specifically discussed a single type of device. This is because most users own and use more than one piece of hardware – typically a desktop (Windows or Mac) and a mobile (Android or IOS).

So the question we posed, wasn’t whether Ellp will be available on all operating systems and devices. Instead, we questioned; where should we begin? This is when we literally went through an exclusion list to see what best to focus on with the resources at hand.

So, this is pretty much how we went about it:

  • One of our main drivers is to design an application that is made available to everyone – whether you’re tech savvy or a novice user, a gamer or an online shopper, young or mature, it’s for you! In our opinion, there’s no better OS than Windows, to target such a wide spectrum of behaviors.
  • We felt that with the advent of Windows 10, users are now more familiar with fresh and sleek designed software that’s easy to interact with.
  • Task automation on Windows is still a fairly recent concept – Great entry point!
  • We felt that Windows users were left behind on the cool stuff and this is something Ellp wants to bridge.
  • Not everyone uses the Cloud to store his or her photos, videos and most important documents. Ellp caters for those that still prefer to use physical storage devices.
  • A simple Wikipedia search would show you that devices being shipped with Windows OS reached 283 million last year, almost as much as iOS/OS X devices, but yet far off from Android with 1.3 billion device shipments.


https://www.netmarketshare.com/operating-system-market-share.aspx?qprid=10&qpcustomd=0 [Sep 2016]

When we put all of this together, it made sense for us to launch with the Windows platform. During the first phase of Ellp’s life, Windows users can benefit from a simple way to automate their important tasks in an easy way – and for free!

We already have some interesting ideas for what’s next. For Ellp to be truly unique, we will be working on having this tool available on multiple platforms, whereby users would be able to set automation on all their devices – our goal being to offer a Better Device Experience for everyone.

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