Your 2017 Tech Resolutions

Written by Kristina
Customer Success

January 5 - (3 Min Read)

New year’s resolutions usually tend to revolve around self-improvement – diet, exercise and the like. But, how many of us actually stick to them? The reality is that only very few of us do! So why not try a different kind of new year’s resolution this year? Instead of just focusing on physical self-improvement and stressing about hitting the gym and counting the tires gained over the holidays, why not tend to your digital health as well?

Here are our top 5 recommendations for tech resolutions that will help you simplify your daily routine.

1. Backup Your Data
If you have important files on your device make sure, to back them up. Losing your data can be an absolute nightmare! To safeguard yourself, back everything up daily if not hourly, and always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Try setting up automated backups, using Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, whereby all your data is synced for you hassle free! Alternatively, you can use external hard drives. If you’re totally committed to your precious files and memories like me, I suggest taking more than one measure for backing up.

2. Password Manager
In today’s day and age, there are passwords for absolutely everything. Good thing they’re there don’t get me wrong! They safeguard my personal information, not to mention they give hackers a super hard time. Although I can’t but help to have this love-hate relationship with them. Don’t you?! I can’t remember the majority of my passwords to save my life. So if you’re finding it hard to remember your passwords like me, I suggest you consider using a password manager, which can store all your passwords for you in one place. All you need to do is just remember one master password and you’re in!

3. Sort out Your Photos
If you’re snap-happy like me, then your photo library must be full to the brim! After all the events during the festivities, I’m sure you’re already loaded with more snaps. Well, I sure am! I tend to organize all my albums by creating folders for each year, within each of these folders I split the album further into 4 separate folders for each season. This way I’ll always find it easy to find the photo I’m looking for. Start out by making a plan that works for you and decide where you want to store everything. Once your plan is set, the easier it will be to sort them.

4. Organize your Inbox and Unsubscribe from Junk Mail
One of the biggest issues for me is getting my inbox to zero, and keeping it that way! If like me you’re bombarded with tons of emails each day, then you’ll need to re-strategize ASAP! I suggest sorting your inbox into folders and sub-folders and get rid of any unwanted clutter. TIP: Why not start with unsubscribing from all the junk mail? Try unsubscribing from 5 lists daily, believe me, it makes a huge difference and your inbox would look so much cleaner!

5. Maintain Your Devices
Give your device some TLC! Just like us, devices also need attention. Constant use of your device will undoubtedly take a toll on its performance. Good thing for us, there are a number of things that can be done to extend your device’s lifetime. If it starts acting up and feels sluggish, freeing up some storage space will go a long way. You might also want to check out the condition of your batteries, as these are the first to go. If your device battery is taking it’s last few breaths then it’s time to start thinking of replacing it. Also, make sure your screen is always well protected. We’ve all been guilty of butter fingers! Device maintenance is paramount and should be done on a regular basis or it will eventually die on you!

Hope you found these recommendations useful. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers. We’ll keep filling our blog with more helpful and insightful articles. If you’d like us to cover a particular topic, get in touch. We’ll be happy to write about it!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you health and happiness 🙂

Yours Truly,

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