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February 28 - (5 Min Read)

Here at Ellp, we are firm believers in user feedback. This is why we have created a place where you can share Your Ellp Ideas with us and other Ellp Tribe members. This insight is crucial to us as it helps us build the cards you and your friends want to use.

Ideas positively feed into the whole Ellp ecosystem. We have a number of different ways that we collect user feedback, but because we don’t want any of your Ellp ideas to go unseen, we’ve centralized this to one main place vis-a-vis the ‘Your Priorities platform’ where you can interact with us, and have conversations with tribe members who share similar goals to you about Ellp. 

From the moment go, we’ve always felt super supported by our community of Ellp users. We’ve received tons of great ideas and feedback – insight that has been truly instrumental for us.

Here are some examples of cards that were inspired by the Ellp Tribe: 

  • When my battery is fully charged, let me know.
  • When my PC is overheating, alert me.
  • When I open an application, open another one.
  • When it’s time, remind me to do something.

your Ellp ideas So you see we really do listen to your feedback and suggestions. The more we receive, the more we just want to make these ideas happen for you!

Feel free to check out my previous article ‘What do we do with all your feedback?’

As more time passes, the Ellp community just keeps growing. This is why we thought it would be great to have an online community out there, where everyone can submit their own ideas and bond over common ones.

We’re pretty excited about this project. While researching about ‘Tribes’ and ‘Communities’  we were inspired by Starbucks – The Coffee Company. They believe that their customers are the best people to tell them what they want from Starbucks. And obviously, we couldn’t agree more! 

So how does it work exactly? And where do I sign up?

Ok, so if you’ve read this far, you’re definitely passionate about joining the Ellp tribe and supporting our activities.  

Welcome onboard!

You can use the community to share your Ellp ideas. If you can’t think of any just yet – that’s ok! – you can always vote for others. You can up-vote, down-vote, share and comment why you like or dislike an idea. 

The ideas with the most hits will be moved to our brainstorming team where they will take discussions about your Ellp ideas, and if it’s (1) do-able and (2) in demand it may make it to our production line.  So follow the news feed on our community page to find out if your card made it! 

P.S The more you share your idea, the bigger the chance you have 🙂 

It’s not just limited to card ideas, maybe you have an idea for product features like appearance, user interface, user interaction, and product capabilities. 

Click here to join the community. Participating is easy!

  1. Go to our community by clicking here or the button below and sign in using your email address or Facebook account.
  2. Click on the category that interests you the most and either add your own idea or vote for others.
  3. Share, share, share!


Submit your Ellp ideas now!

Don’t be shy to share your ideas with the rest of the community. All ideas are welcome! We look forward to going through all your Ellp ideas and potentially building them too 🙂

The power is in your hands! Share with friends, family, and colleagues – get as many up-votes as you can – and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

If you enjoy reading these kinds of articles, spread the love and share with friends!


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